Malachite Moment

Losing my mind for these malachite inspired pieces.
Dress: Monique Lhuillier dress from Bergdorf Goodman and 
baubles by Kelly Wearstler


Love this look

Layered. Colorful. 
I call it crazy cat lady chic.

Darcy the Flying Hedgehog

I will momentarily relinquish my obsession with anything Frenchie to admit
there's a new nugget in instagram town. And her name is Darcy the Hedgehog
And you must follow her. 

Son of a Nutcracker

Can't believe the holidays are slowly descending upon us. 
Christmas music is already starting to waft through department stores, 
and at TCO headquarters, the initial signs of holiday planning are
starting to fill our inboxes. Above, an engraved calligraphed 
invitation I designed for markets to use.

A Guide to NYC

Hilarious animated gifs to help newcomers navigate their way 
around the big apple


Sunset in downtown NYC

From last week's walk home

Art Deco Wedding

A few shots of the printed pieces we created for a glam, art-deco themed wedding.
Mazel to two of our favorite people, Kira and David! 

Work Night on Greenwich Street

Huge roster of freelance projects that need to be completed in the 
next few weeks, so spending this chilly fall eve in my apartment, getting 
my design-on. 


Interesting Tidbit

Ran across this while pulling swipe for a project.... 
The MGM lion was recorded and filmed at the Memphis Zoo, back in the 
1920's. Considering how close my family's house is to the zoo, I could
usually hear the lions at night... which was a little unnerving.


PMP's Twentieth Anniversary

To help our friends at PMP celebrate the momentous occasion, 
we designed options for their anniversary logo to use on collateral 
and mailer pieces.


Current Artist Obsession

Teil Duncan. Positively love her abstract beach scenes and 
use of colorful bold strokes. 



...handle this.
His name? Trotter. His deal? Sassiness.
Follow him on instagram to find out how fancy and
fashionable this little nugget is.

Labor Day Weekend in M-town

Headed home to Memphis tomorrow for a fun filled weekend 
with old (and new) friends. It's been a gazillion years since
I've hit up Horseshoe Lake, but low and behold, I might be found
scooting around Saturday on a wave runner. *gulp*