Dinner with the Fam

Last weekend I went home for my grandmother's 90th birthday (!!!) and had a wonderful time catching up with all the relatives (immediate and distant). On Friday night, we ventured over to my father's office, where an art show was taking place. We then got the crew together aftewards for dinner at 1912, in midtown. Unfortunately not pictured is Nick, my little brother, who had bigger and badder plans for a night out on the town, that little rascal.

Save the Date Postcard

Elisabeth and her fiance wanted a custom made save-the-date postcard that displayed a license plate with their initials in it, and the state in which they are getting married. After many attempts in photoshop to make a dimensional-looking plate, I think I finally nailed it on my last try. Pixels are so not my friend... I'm much more of a vector girl. But definitely loved the finished product of my experiment in pixel land.


The Forecast for this Weekend

Trouble, with a high chance of ridiculousness, followed by partly cloudy recollection of the evening.


Nothing To See Here....

Just a pigeon taking the subway to meet a friend over on the lower east side.
Meanwhile, had I been a passenger, I would have been freaking out that he would try to nest in my hair or peck at my toes (which, to be fair to the pigeon, do resemble over-sized worms).


A Word From the Designing Hermit

On the tail end of finishing up on FIFTY new holiday designs for the Stationery Show, which is in a mere three weeks. Can't believe it is already here. Can't believe how much time I've spent on my computer. I can't wait for a nice break after all the mayhem.


Happy Place

Feast on this nugget and feel all your stress dissolve. Gatsby, ladies and gentleman. Our boss's pup and my soon-to-be kidnap victim.


Nine by Design meets Two By The South

Sweet Scottie (a friend since the FIFTH GRADE people!) invited me tonight to an open house cocktail tour of Sixx Design's latest renovation (Yes, that family from the Bravo show ). It always is so fantastic to see the way that people interpret their spatial dreams. I plan to play a quick round of 'H-O-R-S-E' on the indoor bball court. eh, scratch that. Make it more like "P-I-G". Not sure that martinis and hoops mix so well.

Grandmama's 90th

My sweet, adorable, amazing grandmother is turning the big 9-0 in a few weeks, so the family is getting together to throw a birthday bash fit for a queen. Also, I'm flying home for it and can't wait to see all my homefries.


TGIF Nuggets!

It's a beautiful night in NYC, and I'm headed out to meet my ladybirds to celebrate the end of our month-long monsoon. I was "this close" to cloning sweetpea and building an ark.

Designs for a Ladies' Weekend on the town

Was feeling inspired by Pucci and Anna Griffin on these

Save the Date options

for Emilie's upcoming wedding.