Papa Nuggets

Just had a glowing article written about him in our Memphis society magazine, RSVP. It's about time! I hope he'll remember us little people....

Bavarian Chic

Yes, when I was first told the theme for the Rehearsal Dinner invite, I got nervous. But since the dinner is being held at the Von Trapp Family Lodge (as in the family from the Sound of Music), it all started to make sense. Using wood textures, old fashioned-feeling typefaces, and fun flourishes, I created a couple of selections for their theme that will hopefully have them running for the hills (in a good, julie- andrews-kind-of-way)


Celebrating The Happy Couple

Last night, after a quick meeting in Central Park, the Geoffroys, Jim and I had dinner at BLT market. The dinner was amazing, and I was blinded by the brilliance of Rennie's new ring the entire time. Congratulations to both Rennie and Jim-- I'm so honored to be a part of the wedding!

Oliver's Memorial

There are sometimes just no words to express the sadness that life can bring. Oliver was in the prime of his life... married happily with a young son and a promising career. He lost his battle to cancer a month and a half ago, and everyone who knew him—who knew his love for life—just couldn't wrap their head around it. For a brief moment, in Annapolis last Saturday, we had an opportunity to all join together and relive the memories of Oliver through shared stories that created both laughter and tears. Afterwards, Alice and her parents invited us to stay the evening at their beautiful home in St. Michaels-- where we continued to find solace and support in one another's company. It was nothing short of a very emotional, yet necessary, weekend. A special thanks to the Walkers for all their hospitality.


Cannon Balling

Worst "Cannonball" Ever from Julia Allison on Vimeo.
Our friend Julia, promoting Sarah Lacy's new book. Meanwhile I was breast-stroking around with my hair up, like an old lady protecting her wig.


It makes me sick how pretty my sisters are. Case in point, Ada.

For Ladies of Leisure

How wonderful it must be to go to a luncheon event- with a cocktail hour! One of these days, I hope to at least get sauced by noon, and not have to go back to the office. In the meantime, I merely design the invitations for such lush-centric events. *sigh*

Going Green (in a Blue way)

Tiffany & Co. is currently sponsoring a variety of green projects nationwide, but one such project involves corporate sponsorship of a documentary based on the effect of open pit mining on the Alaskan salmon population. Being restricted to the Tiffany blue, I tried to convey the message of the presentation, while keeping it branded. Here were two of my favorites for an invitation to their upcoming private screening of the film.


The Evster and Me

On Making Waves, headed up the Hudson. Thank god it's almost the weekend.

The Wine Glass and Sweet P go on a date.

Sweet P finds love in a wine glass from Nugget Cantina on Vimeo.

The cat acts like she'll take whatever she can get.


One of my favorite SNL clips ever. Kristen Wiig is a GENIUS. I love a) her sweater b) her surprise face with jazz hands and c) the line "her face! I forgot about her face!"

About Last Night

Crums' week long 30th birthday celebration continued last evening with the get together of the old Knot crew. One bottle of champagne and 5 bottles of wine later, we're all feeling a little rough around the edges this morning. But highlights from the night include: the cat getting tossed around (pic 2), crums receiving her first piece of Tiffany's jewelry (in all pics, looks AMAZING on her), schrade arriving with interesting tales of her adventures at The Box (I'm never going), and my incessant plight to set up a friend of mine with one of Schrade's single bachelor friends in Bermuda (I can practically taste the champagne at their wedding reception). Also, Kimmons fake-smoked a baby carrot (pic 1). Good times, Inc.


Wedding Bells and All

I met last night with the lovely Kate Midura, and her fiance, David, of Leather Spa fame (the shoe repair store is the premier place in nyc for restoring incredibly expensive kicks). We've started on a few designs for their wedding pieces (menus, welcome cards, etc)-- and here are two of my favorites for their menu.

Downpour Thursday

This morning it's rather dark and drab out due to major thunderstorms. I hate to admit it, but I really do love this weather...it's a much needed break from the intense heat we've had here in the city.


My walk home

Sometimes, despite the intolerable heat and humidity, New York can have the most amazing summer sunsets. The first shot was actually taken once I arrived at Evan's apartment-- such a great view up 14th.


Working with the Numbers

My friend Rebecca is getting married next year, and wanted to have a modern, non-traditional save the date for the event. Since she is getting married on 7-11, she and her fiance thought it would be funny to use the old 80's jingle "oh thank heaven for 7/11", and so we came up with a save the date around the theme. Since it will be a two-color letterpress job (front and back), I think the graphics will really pop.

A Belated Happy Birthday

to the one, the only, Rebecca Crumley (aka Diggety, Crummies, Crumnuggets, Mama Nuggies, and so forth). The woman has more aliases than I do freckles. Anyway, I'm looking forward to celebrating it with you Thursday, where the motto will be "Go big, and then GO HOME. Immediately."

On the cutting room floor

Here were two of my favorite selections for an upcoming Tiffany's event. A save the date with matching invitation-- they were unfortunately not chosen, but I still heart the design. Working now in the world of engraving has really given me a new appreciation for the world of fancy printing and paper. It is amazing to see what can be done when given a bigger budget. Oh, and for those designers out there who are looking for a script typeface that will actually look like calligraphy-- try Bickham Script Pro. You can actually go into the glyph palette and change the swooshes to your liking. A whole new world I tell ya. Yes, I'm a dork.

Baby Shower for a Turkey

Yes...if you can believe it, my high school mascot was a..... wait for it.... TURKEY. I mean REALLY. Don't think we didn't take it to another level, too, by making gobble sounds in the bleachers during any given St. Mary's game. Anyway, one of my favorite high school turkeys, Virginia, is having a bambino... and so, being part of the baby shower committee, I was given the task of pulling together the invite. Here is first round for the upcoming soiree.


And the backside

SO proud of the Lacy. Can't wait to be a tee-wearing fan myself. Am hoping that I'll get a chance to see her and Geoff this weekend.

The Lacy Tour

So Sarah Lacy's new book is out (Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good), and she is doing an unconventional, user-generated book tour for it. She asked me this weekend to cook up a cool tshirt design that she can distribute/sell on her stops.... and here is my favorite version thus far. Hopefully she likes it too.


TGIF Nuggets!

I'm off folks. Have a great weekend.


Good Luck Baby Shower invite

Of the latest batch of baby shower cards for Parents.com-- will be soon downloadable on their site!

Styled Shoot

The colors are off in the photo-- but it's so cool to see a photo styled with my paper products.

OMG- New evidence in Jon Benet case!!!

Wrap it up

I love the color palette that the ladies from Parents.com chose for this project. It will be a downloadable DIY for their site users, in which they can customize in the type field for their own baby showers. I tried to keep it simple with type, color, and clean graphics. Now I want to throw a shower! Or at least just take one-- I'm off to get ready for work. Super ready for a weekend filled with AC, interior design magazines, bad tv, vino, possible booze cruise on the hudson, and ev.


More Cape Pics

Courtesy of the Bug


Today's Invite

For a store related event, with a wine tasting. I could go for a wine tasting right about now. This is going to be a long week.

Grass Walls

Amazing--- These free standing posters were made completely out of grass. I love the depth and the dimension that they were able to achieve. Something tells me this took ALOT of work.


Sweet Pea aka Good For Nuthin

I love her enthusiasm. She's all, I'll stay awake with you while you do your freelance projects.... and then zzzzzzzzzz (using the mouse pad as her pillow)

Nuggets of the Week

My Atlanta ladies -- Lizzie, Banana, and Julie. Taken January '08. Love and miss them all so much.

Typographical Treat

I have been obsessed with typography lately, and was forwarded this pic a few weeks ago. This durable fabric scarf is made of uppercase sans serif type. So genius.

New ad for Architectural Digest

So excited for the new line of contemporary products that Sherle Wagner is promoting. Really amazing pieces. We went to the open house for 15 Union Square West a few months ago, and EVERYONE was ooohing and ahhhing over the bathrooms in the model apartment. Nothing short of show-stopping stuff.

Stuck in the middle of Pyrotechnics

Untitled from sophie askew on Vimeo.


Recharging batteries, made possible by Cape Cod. Nothing soothes the soul more than clam chowder, Dark & Stormies (or as I renamed them, Weird and Sketchies), lawn softball games, sparklers and fireworks, long walks with friends, Evan's cooking, ping pong games with my sister, and late night laughs with friends. My ribs still ache from the stories Rebecca Kimmons served up. A special thanks to the Geoffroys, for putting up with the likes of us, and for making this very special weekend happen.