And this is why I love New York

Sometimes I want to stuff NYC in a tuxedo, walk it down the aisle and tell it "I Do". Martini Week, y'all. Doesn't get any better than 5 days filled with vodka heavenliness.


Well Lookie Here

Working on concepts and typography for our upcoming Look Book. I just recently bought the font Narziss Swirl, and worship it. And the jewelry isn't exactly awful to look at either. Total droolfest, in fact.


I Live for Kate Spade Ads

Their creative team is swimming in pure genius. I absolutely adore the various campaigns they have had released over the years... Below are a mixed collection of some of my perennial favorites...

An Old Album that takes me Back

Travis - Sing .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

...to my Seattle days of Madison Park, late nights with Mclean and Caroline, "Endless Love" duets with Jean, The Gorge, Hornall Anderson, The Chicken Original and perfect humidity-free summer temperatures. If you don't have this Travis album, get it. You won't be sorry... great late night tunage for those of us with impending deadlines.

Designs for Linen Showers

Chugging along--- sooo much work! So little time...


The Best Part of Waking up...

is Bloody Mary in your cupppp!

Nothing is better than delicious uber spicy, homemade jalapeno bloody marys, with a huge bouquet of roses, waiting for you first thing in the morning. Thanks dandelion-picker for a great vday.


Up Late working on new collection

I can't believe my new set of designs are due so soon! Exciting, but wowzers, a lot of work. I have a feeling I will be a bleary-eyed monster come national stationery show time... Luckily this year I will have the lovely team of Whitney English helping me through it.


Collateral for Foundation Rwanda

Tickets on sale soon! In the meantime, I'm working with the board to create multiple promotional pieces- can't wait to design the main invitation.


Al at Bubby's

I heart this pic of Al. Let it be said that I might need a Bubby's intervention to be staged, A&E style. Their crusty* cheese grits are the bees knees, and have become a weekend necessity. As a southerner, it's next to impossible to find a yankee shack that can serve them up right.

*under normal circumstances, I would refuse to use that word. That's just how good these grits are. Although I've warmed up to my friend Anne's new descriptive noun for feeling unattractive: crust-bucket. Which we occasionally sing to the tune of "Hot Pockets" when we're hungover. I'll stop rambling now.

Better than the Original

If you haven't watched the original google commercial, scroll down first. Here is a fantastic spoof... the Zales part is a real humdinger.


Baby Birthdays

Working on a very special invitation for a 1st birthday celebration

*le sigh*

Move over Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials... there's a new ad that demands the need for a tissue. I'm such an emotional wimp sometimes...


TGIF nuggets

I'm headed to Bobo with the crew to hunker down with dirty martinis and fried pickles while we watch the snowstorm outside. Stay warm, kids.

Manolo and Me

Amazing manolo blahnick sample sale earlier this week-- Scored these puppies. Kimmons has dubbed them the Pocahontas kicks, to which I say, kiss my wigwam.

Nugget Jewelry

This actually exists and is for sale on amazon.com- how nuggety.


Just wanted to give a woo-hoo to erin and steve-- and their brand new baby boy. And furthermore, i would like to dedicate a very special song to sweet mama erin-- a song that brought us together back in the seattle summer of '03. I love you lady-- you did it! All my best to you and your family.

night ranger - sister christian.mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Pics from the Bday

I like to title this shot "The Hotness". Much like "The Situation" but with Chanel Bags and attitude. Werkkk it girl.

Shamelessly using my coworkers as a prop to help me stay vertical towards the end of the evening.

Quite possibly my favorite shot. FINALLY Tiph's classic "What's yourrrr problem" face has been captured on film!

Don't let the smiles fool you. They were not sober. And one of them requested "On the Wings of Love" on the jukebox. Oh yeah, you heard me right.

Me, doing what I do best. If downing vodka sodas was an Olympic sport, then consider me Picabo effin Street.