Halloween Costume

My mood board. It is all slowly coming together...


On Tap Tonight: Art Show in West Village

Here's hoping that they have the AC cranked high-- it's so unbelievably humid out, my hair practically needs its own zip code.

updated.... photos from the event


For Those Without Plans...

Come and say hello this saturday night at a last-minute pulled together party for those adults who dare to get all costumed up.


Effective Advertising

Right up the road from me. The gorgeous typography. The flawless alignment. The persuasive wording. Makes me want to shop there... probably.

You can run and tell THAT homeboy

Well OBVIOUSLY this is my favorite halloween costume thus far. Don't think bed intruder isn't on my ipod. Because it is. And I play it daily. Because I am so dumb. Really really dumb. FOR REAL.

UPDATE: Amazing versions of the song here and here. Paging Grace and Lillian, my musically brilliant cousins: We need to get crackin' on an Askew recording of this STAT.

Baby Burrito

I'm so addicted to watching an infant being swaddled, it's sort of scary. It really just blows my mind that they yearn for a baby straight jacket. Pictured above is my beautiful, wonderful and downright edible little godson, Ralph. It was great to see him in his nursery that sweet Katie J and I helped paint and decorate with mod wall murals just two months ago. I miss that wee nugget of perfection already.

Askew Couture featured on 100 Layer Cake

Our wonderful client (and friend) Mary Herrington has just recently been featured on 100 layer cake for her new company Forever and Ever Events.... I'm so proud of her and her accomplishments! I know she is destined for great things... and having worked with her on her wedding, I'll be able to say "I knew her back when". Layer Cake even featured some of our handiwork from her reception. Congrats Mary!

Dexter Promo Posters

I really really need to buy past seasons of Dexter and hunker down one of these weekends and get Dexterized. So many friends are fans... these clever, graphic posters created by Ty Mattson might just be the extra nudge I need.

Love this stop-motion wedding video

So beautifully done. It's a mini 4 minute movie capturing the subtle yet sweet moments of the couple's big day.


Off to the Atl

To see Lizzie and my godson! Excited for a weekend of baby snuggling and relaxation at the Lovett household. It's time to decompress!


Save the Date evite

Celebrating the cutest lady I know.

New Designs

Hitting stores soon


Inappropriately Hilarious...

And right on the mark


Kanye's Tastemaker

I found this article to be quite fascinating... a 19 year old Yale student has become Kanye West's personal muse and style guru. His influence was undeniably evident during West's performance at the VMAS and on SNL last weekend. Their collaboration has created what many have deemed as a reinvention of KW, which he desperately needed after the Taylor Swift debacle. Who knew that a pair of velvet monogrammed slippers could bring about such an opportunity. Too bad fry-eating with reckless abandon is not considered muse material.


The Future of Print Ads

Pretty ingenious.


This Sort of Sums Up

Me during the jury selection process. I love how he tries to fight it... to no avail... and by the end he practically falls out of his seat, live on CSpan. The whiplash from this must have had him in a neck brace for at least a week.

My Portrait by Bil!

He definitely took a few creative liberties (my Kim Zolciak wig is rockin'!), but I love the final piece.

Jury Duty

And I'm done! Sorry to be MIA... was dutifully toiling away as a civil servant for the last four days.