She Works Hard for Her Money

Working on a set of downloadable cards for the folks over at Parents.com-- a huge freelance project that I've totally immersed myself in this weekend, since the evster is away.

BIG news...

coming Tuesday.


TGIF nuggets!

I shall leave you with this precious fire-hydrant sized peanut. For more of this photographer's images, click here

Nuggets Of The Week

Crum Diggety and my crush, Scott. Ev has a man crush on him too, so it's cool for me to say that. I mean, I'm sorry but how can you not fall for an accomplished architect who buys a girl 16 pairs of leggings from American Apparel on a dare? Game, Set, Match, Crush.

More Snapshots

I really hate to admit this, but Ev is one of the best photographers of all time. He has such a great eye for composition. Being a little like Monica from Friends, I maintain a bit of a competitive streak in most things I do. He may win this round, but rest assured, there is no way he'll ever beat me in the "best goofy redneck southern laugh" category.


Sleepiest Couple of All Time

Ev and I, exhausted, but happy, on the first day of our trip.

Oh la la

A quick shot I took on our way to Paris. We BARELY made our flight due to the horrific traffic in the Holland Tunnel... and also due to an incompetent driver who repeatedly tried to take ineffective "short cuts". I thought for sure we were going to miss our flight. But by some miracle, we made it. With, no joke, ONE MINUTE to spare for final check-in. For the love. I promise to post more paris pics tonight....


Au Revoir!

See you all soon! Ev is sending a car to pick me up in 30 minutes, so I better get ready. Have a wonderful weekend-- I will be stuffing myself silly with delicious cheese and wine.

Our Best Seller

A save the date! Everyone at Lucky got a kick out of how Southern all the names are in my sample cards. Very Gone with the Wind meets Steel Magnolias. Maybe I could take it up a notch and make the cards mint juliped scented.

Farewell Javits

After an exhausting four days of Stationery Show madness at Javits, I'm ready to go home and relax.... for a few hours. We leave tonight for Paris... and am thrilled... hopefully will catch some z's on the flight out. A special thanks to Jen Brown, Katie Johnson, Evan, Collin, and Marissa Geoffroy, and of course, little Adabug, for making this the best stationery show yet for Askew Design. Big updates coming soon! But for now.... VACA.

Playing it Cool

My attempt to remain cool and collected after landing a major new client. All I wanted to do was air-kick and woo-hoo all over the place.

The Booth

A couple of shots of our fun little stationery house.

The Helpers

First day of the show, and of course, I was left scrambling that morning to get everything printed. Katie and Ada headed to the Javits Center before me, and manned the booth while I attempted to make myself presentable-- a tricky task on only 2 hours of sleep.

The Set-Up

First day at the show, and the booth seemed tiny.... and the task of making it look pretty and inviting seemed overwhelming. Luckily, I had Evan, Ada, and Colin working away on putting it all together.


Sweet P Nuggets doesn't love me anymore.

She found a new love--- Sarah Lacy. And very carefully placed herself in Sarah's suitcase. Keep it up Sweet P, and you'll find yourself on the street corner with just your litter box and brush.

More Cards

Another little card I'm working on for wathcing sports at home. Nothing sounds more fab to me than relaxing in front of the tube with beer, chips, and salsa. Even at 7:30 in the morning. After next Wednesday, I'm going to need some serious vaca... and luckily, the evster has planned exactly that. We are jetting off to paris the day after the show. I will load up on cheese and vino, and insist on wearing a beret the whole time.


I've just entered crazytown.

And will be here all week. Saturday is the set up for the show, and Sunday, well, the real fun begins. From booth design right down to namecard construction, Ada and I (and also the sweet and wonderful evster) have been working to pull it all together. Sorry for the silence and lack of posts... will try to sprinkle the blog this week with a couple.


Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Cause she's gonna dance. Pictures to follow of our late night celebration of little kim's birthday. But for now, behold. The one... the only...Crumnuggets. Dancing. Alone. Inebriated. With only a J-Lo-ish light shining from behind. If only we had a wind machine, our MTV video would be complete.
Also, sorry for the sideway video. Somebody had a few too many and forgot how to film properly. Moving on!

Hardware Heaven

This is the finished proof of a photo shoot nightmare that Ev and I just recently endured. Little did I know how difficult shooting reflective pieces would be. The sphere-like door handle in the middle was a mother effer-- it reflected everything in a one mile radius. But in the end, we found a fantastic photographer who totally got our direction, and ultimately, I couldn't be more thrilled with the result. I've really stepped up my game from art directing photo shoots of my cat.

Somebody Needs A Little Pet

I don't want to name any names, but somebody has been patiently waiting for a little attention next to the computer during the whole pre-stationery show prep time. I love how she stands guard next to the stapler and mini sticky pad.

Celebration Station

Here is a new card for any type of celebratory event..... like, oh say, completing the stationery show! Less than two weeks to go, and the stress and pressure are mounting...

Avatar Assignment

Above are a new set of avatars Parents.com commissioned me to create. I had no idea illustrating a pregnancy test would be so tough.



A new series that I've been working on for the stationery show--- invites designed more for men. Although wives/girlfriends will still be the ones buying the invites, these cards will hopefully promote more, as Alex from Real Housewives of NYC put it, "gender equality". I'm taking the issue to Capital Hill.


The Right Out Louds: Right Up My Alley

So.... back to this past Sunday's afterparty. The Cutting Room hosted a large group of movie goers, and our very own Barbara sang with her new group, The Right Out Louds.... and they were phenomenal! Here is their SUPER cool logo, designed by barbs, and a few pics of us watching the show, and of Barb front and center, on stage. Sing it sister!

Nuggets Of The Week

The crew from last night at daniel's.... possibly one of the best meals I've ever had, right down to the "fancy jelly". So wonderful to catch up with Scottie and Jason-- the world's sweetest couple. They invited us to join them at their table at an upcoming benefit... which I can't wait to attend. Unfortunately the Evster will be in Dubai during the event, and so no one will be patrolling my drunken silent auction bidding behavior. I have a tendency to go under the name Dorothy Dukakis... Dorthy only bids on pieces which are being closely monitored by stuffy old women. It's loads of fun. They end up spending ALOT more than they should due to Dorothy's constant one-up-man-ship. And it all goes to charity-- so really, everyone wins. And Dorothy? Well, she usually wins the grand prize hangover.