The Original DV

For all you creative types, this is a must see. We all know of Diana Vreeland, 
but this documentary truly encapsulates her essence and highlights the
indelible mark she made on the fashion world. An extraordinary tale of a true
creative visionary who lived and breathed style, elegance and imagination.


Capetown Happiness

It helps to have a professional photographer on vacation with you to 
capture great moments. A few shots of the group frolicking in and
around Capetown.


Summer Breeze

In trying to will warmer weather, I've purchased these graphic, Conde Nast
themed towels at One Kings Lane

Stay Classy, Colorado College

Ah yes. Kids from my alma mater doing the harlem shake on a Frontier flight. 
Thank god youtube-ing did not exist back in the day for our never-ending
idiocy to be documented.