Chihuly and TCO

Am excited to be working on our latest event's invitations- a special, intimate gathering at Chihuly's private studio* in Seattle for our top customers. PR requested an invitation that reflected Chihuly's design-- so we are hoping to screen print on translucent plexiglass. Above are a few design directions, using a more modern typographic treatment, but incorporating a lot of Chihuly's vibrant colors.

* I had the pleasure of attending a pre-wedding brunch at the studio back in 2003. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

South Bound for the Fourth

Looking forward to a long weekend in Savannah and Charleston with the gang... and of course, milk punch roadies. Tell it tag team!

Tag Team - Whoop! There It Is .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine


Me and Pops

at Storm King this past weekend. Miss that big guy already! We had a jam packed weekend of askew bonding- more pics and deets to come.


Shani's Wedding

Attended this past weekend with AM one of my dearest friend's wedding (have known shani since the 7th grade!). Gorgeous unbelievable views at the Trump Soho... the most wonderful night ever. Filled with fantastic southern cooking and endless dancing.


First Seersucker Purchase

Jcrew shorts for what is shaping up to be one HOT summer

Frenchie Delight

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV
File this under "happy place" if you need a little relief from the troubles of your day. It's a live puppy cam of fresh-out-of-the-oven frenchies.


What Makes Love True

A video about our recently launched mini-site with a unique guide to romantic places and adventures here in nyc. This has been a huge push as of late for the Tiffany team to produce and get live-- exciting to see it up and going viral. Make sure to go to the love stories page-- and click on "It's Never To Late". LOVE arthur and his big feet.


Boston Bound This Weekend

Excited to get out of the city for a nice long weekend of good cooking and great company.