All I Can Say is...

To a certain someone. This song says it all.

 Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams .mp3
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What I Desperately Want For Christmas

So that I too can harass young men walking by as I cruise around in a convertible stuffed with frizz-haired friends.

"Hey good lookin'! Will be back to pick you up later!" Um, no you won't. Because I will have a warrant out for your arrest. Hope you, Mr. Microphone and Soap-on-a-Rope don't mind sharing a cell together

Perlman Music Foundation- 2011 Save the Date

After creating this past summer's invitation for the Perlman Foundation's event in the Hamptons, I have been once again tapped to produce their 2011 save the date for two amazing galas in the spring and summer. Hopefully this year I will be in town and able to attend! We decided to go with option number, which is a graphic play on environment-- sea shells for the hamptons, landmark buildings for nyc. I also changed up the format orientation, so that the tri-fold opens vertically instead of horizontally.


Christmas card design

I loved working with Catherine once again on her family's holiday card this year... She has such great taste (glamorous, preppy chic)... We landed on this fun design, and even came up with a simple geometric logo that she can use going forward for address labels and thank you notes.


Holiday designs featured

Click over to the English Paper Company blog to find easy ways to order invites for any upcoming holiday soiree needs.

New releases on their way

Publish Post

Make sure to check out lemontreepaperie.com in the next few weeks for new designs for 2011 spring and summer events.

Updated Askew Design Site

Will hopefully go live soon-- it's been a long time coming for a major overhaul of my old site... can't wait to get a web facelift!


Will Be Back to Posting Soon!

Have been working around the clock on numerous projects, as well as a new release of askew design cards. Will be a better blogger very, very soon.


What in the Don Draper do we have here...

The man is simply incapable of an unattractive "what" face. Even his incredulous "what" in which he slightly jerks back his head, as if he's taken a whiff of something putrid. Still sexy. Thank you god for creating such a perfect piece of eye candy for us ladies.

*double click on video to view it full screen on youtube.


Let them Eat Cake... and drink cheap booze

Halloween 2010-- with me as a very intoxicated Marie Antoinette.

One of my all time favorite songs

While listening to pandora today (in preparation for the Black Crowes concert this evening!)- this wonderful Pink Floyd nugget came on- a tune that I use to play on loop back in high school. And now I find it to have such different meaning... and it just seems so appropriate for this moment in time.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here .mp3
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