My BIG news

I'm officially the new Public Relations Art Director at Tiffany's! And yes, I have a bad feeling every penny I earn will go straight to buying baubles.


A Bad Wedding Dance Move goes Global

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.
Crum Diggety sent me the best little treat today-- a vimeo video. Sometimes you can use a smile. Hope this helps.


A few more pics

Sunset beach and NYC at night.

Hamptons Bound

Last Friday, Ev, Scottie, Jason and I headed out for a little journey via boat to the hamptons. The boat ride, about 6 hours one way, was worth it. So peaceful and relaxing. We started our trip off with a little Dom Perignon and caviar, which made us feel incredibly fancy and high-falutin'. On saturday night, we headed over to Sunset beach at Shelter Island, and it was, as Scottie put it, "magical". Truly. We had wonderful seats at dinner overlooking the tiki-lit beach, while the sun slowly set. And to top it all out, we re-entered the city Sunday night-- and had a chance to see the cityscape all lit up. Thanks again to Scottie and Jason for such an amazing weekend.


More icon work

Seriously, I owe a million hugs and kisses to the ladies at Parents.com .... not only are they a delight to work with, but it's nice to have a vision that is in sync. It is exciting to continually get new projects through them and It will be really gratifying to see all of my artwork live in the near future.


Sorry to have been so MIA these past couple of weeks... there has been so much going on in my life (both good and bad), that I honestly haven't even had the time to sit down and write a post. For all of you Colorado College folks reading this blog, you by now know that our friend Oliver is losing his battle to brain cancer. He is quietly living his final moments heavily sedated in a hospice in Maryland, surrounded by his family and loved ones. I created a little storybook of pulled photos and jotted down stories of Oliver for them and for his two year old son.... a boy who will never fully know and experience the wonderfulness that is his father.
This was my first introduction to Ol:
MY FIRST MEMORY OF OLIVER was being picked up by a guy using a spoon as a “prospective student detector” at the Colorado Springs airport. He looked like Beck. I thought he was a god. He made boop-boop-booping sounds as he worked his way down the main aisle, as if to convey that the spoon was either getting hot or cold in PS detection.
He saw me—a nervous looking 17-year-old with suitcase in hand, donning an all-too-new, freshly-pressed phish tshirt, and immediately threw the boop-booping into high gear. I thought he was the coolest person I had ever met.

Oliver, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.


New Collection Up!

Please go to www.askewdesign.com to check out our newly released card designs/labor of love.

A New Design

with someone in mind. Making cards is my version of giving flowers as a thank you...which can be tricky when not knowing an individual's personal taste and aesthetic. I just hope this isn't the equivalent of carnations. woof.


I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone...

It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright sun shiny day.
Thank you to all my wonderful friends--- Barbara, Jen, Emma Bean, Erin, Kimmers, and Crums for helping me through a difficult time. This was taken on my walk home last night. Nothing is better than feeling like all is right with the world again.


Not only am I a Designer, I'm a Client

A recent promotional piece I worked on for Garnier in our upcoming Lucky Mag... I had the pleasure of trying the products, and seriously, they work amazingly well. I am having major heart palpitations for the under eye puffy remover. Works wonders ladies.

A Wise Woman once Said...

Please remember that folks.


Last Night's Event

Jason and Scottie invited me to a huge charity event last night for Zero Tolerance-- an organization that aides domestic abuse victims. It started with a cocktail hour with a silent auction, followed by a sit down dinner, and finished out with a huge dance party. We were all thrilled that the DJ played songs we actually knew and remembered from high school (or even middle school). I also discovered that Tone Loc=awesomeness. Here are some pictures from the evening.... the venue was pretty amazing as well... located right along the Hudson river. It was truly a great night with great friends.


Hurry Home

Can't wait til this guy gets back.

Boy Bdays

Another invite with a dinosaur theme. With the lack of sleep I got last night, I closely resemble one of these suckers right about now.