Lil' Confession

I challenge you to put in "Listen to the Music" and not foot-tap to it.


I'm a Bad Girl

Ugh. Ordered it. Could not stop myself. Holy Croc Bag.


Askew Couture

Coming very, very soon...


A Future Photo of Crums and Moi

Um, the most amazing blog ever. You're welcome.


Pops On Stone Street

Two Potential Contenders for the Bridesmaid Dress

Going to hopefully pop over to bloomies to see these puppies in a bit.

Denver In September

Liz Wall, one of my dearest friends in the whole world, is tying the knot in Colorado in less than a month. Am excited to report that she is actually letting her bridesmaids choose any dress of their liking... with only one caveat: the dress must be black. This, folks, is why I love her. Since I'm heading out to Denver early to help kick start the pre-wedding celebrations, I've decided to host a bridesmaids' luncheon to honor my little curly q. I can't believe that 10 years ago we were living in a tiny apartment, sans AC, in Sydney. I'm still living in a tiny apartment in a big city, but with...drumroll....central air! Oh how I have missed you thermostat.


30 Rock is a Rock's Toss Away

Currently looking down on the production set of 30 Rock... it's being filmed outside my office as I type. I'm so excited, I'm practically Liz'ing myself.


The Wig and The Hat: Bachelorette Party Edition

Yet another reason to dust off the ole fascinator-- a bachelorette party! Prior to the Aspen trip, the girls hosted a night out with young Scottie. We started at our favorite tacqueria/food den, La Esquina, followed by a little dancing over at Merc Bar. I don't want to brag, but Katie, Amber and I kept the dancing going until late night--3am.

Not bad for this old broad, if I do say so myself. Many thanks to all the random drinks sent my way, and to the bouncer for checking my I.D... It's the little things in life that make me happy.


On My Desk RIght Now

The most exquisitely hand-drawn necklace for potential positioning of the Tiffany diamond, circa late 1800's.

West Village, late night.


Rb's Thank Yous

To complete the whole look and branding of her wedding, Rebecca requested thank yous, pictured above.

Weekly Nugget of Inspiration

House Industries most recent project which pays homage to the modernist designer Alexander Girard. To view their incredible site and collection, click here.

Major Gala with Major Invites

The most deluxe invite is in the works right now.... letterpressed with gold foiling, on heavy cardstock with an accordion fold. Katie and I have been working like mad on getting these printed and shipped. We will have to have a glass of champagne upon completion of this enormous project. Above, invite pulled straight to show each panel, reply card, and envelope design. 750 personalized address labels to still be created....

The Bigger You Get, the Better They Work.

Hold onto to your Big Macs, something incredible is about to take the fashion world by storm. Hey, Mom Jeans? Move over. There's a new sheriff of awfulnesss in town. Winker Jeans.
TGIF Peeps.

Thursday Type Treatments

Nothing brings me more joy than playing with type.... especially when I have the chance to add flourishes and swooshes, and manipulate its ascenders and descenders. Above are final contenders for our new ad campaign... using our typeface in its italic form, I used various graphic elements to make it feel more feminine. I even used ornaments from other script fonts (compendium and burgess), and doctored them up in order to create a more natural unity between the two.

I actually was knighted the "swooshmeister" yesterday.


Somebody went to the Beauty Shop

And she's worn out from the pampering.
She's got one rough life, that Sweetpea.


DJ Invites

Invite Design for an upcoming 40th bday being held in a club-like venue. It's nice to work on something a little more masculine in feel after all the prettiness and femininity of recent projects. Sadly, I'll be out of town when this fun, turn-table shindig goes down. *sigh* It's going to be one helluva party.


What happens at Tribeca Tavern, stays at Tribeca Tavern

The gang got together to celebrate a non-humid/rainy Friday (trust, this is a big event in nyc, considering the amount of rainfall we've experienced). Honorable mention shout-out goes to Crums for having the best camera poses ever.


Napkin designs

For an upcoming birthday celebration this weekend.

Sweetpea as Yoda