Day Dreaming with My Imaginary Bottle of 80 SPF

Even though I'm not much of a beach person-- I can't help but dream of staying at this incredible south beach getaway (the Tides), beautifully decorated by Kelly Wearstler. I feel like I can practically hear the soft sounds of Stan Getz intermixed with the occasional rattle of a martini shaker.

More Askew Designs

Pics from Kimmies Bday

We started our revel-making at Boqueria in soho for dinner and drinks-- and then ended our night of buffoonery at Lani Kai. For some reason, taking pictures with a giant palm tree leaf seemed "natural".


Just Getting Into The Spirit of things

It's already raining cats and dogs here, so raining frogs? Eh, we can handle it. Bring it Lenny Bruce, I ain't afraid. (Bonus points for anyone who learned ALL the lyrics to this song. Me? I like to come in on just certain LOUD. WORDS. and sort of mutter my way through the rest of it. Same goes for you Billy Joel, and your "We Didn't Start the Fire")

Rem - End Of The World .mp3
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Oh my gravyyyyy

GILT TASTE JUST LAUNCHED. swoonage! I'm already a certified gilt addict (as are certain other people * ahem *) but this just upped the ante big time. My checking account is shaking in its boots, while my taste buds are doing jumping jacks of joy.


Emily Ley and Moi

Link to a video of me and the cutest lil nugget ever, emily ley, who has a gorgeous wedding collection (and baby collection!). She has done an incredible job of covering the stationery show this year-- even dedicating a blog to her adventures and experiences. In this clip you get to see many things: my designs up close, the adorableness of Ms Ley, my inability to stop myself from goofily waving and saying "hiiiii" at the camera, and my very, very frizzed out hair (courtesy of nyc rainstorms, thankyouverylittlebigapple). It was great to reconnect with emily this year, and I look forward to seeing all the fantastic work she'll be creating in the future. A true talent!


Stationery Show

is almost here!! This weekend at the Javits Center-- will be a fun reunion with the Whitney English gang. Can't wait to see those ladies and to share some stationery stories (hopefully over cocktails)

Above: new designs for my 2011 holiday album


Thoughts Going Out to My Memphians

That the cresting of the mighty Mississippi creates minimal damage when it hits Wednesday-- but judging from the photos above, I worry that this will be a huge hit to Memphis. Regardless, much love to all my friends and family there- wishing you safety and protection from Old Man River in the ensuing days. On that Mississippi note, a little Doobie Brothers for you on this Friday...

The Doobie Brothers - Black Water .mp3
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Fallon spoofs my guilty pleasure

Yes. I'm a grown woman with an undeniable love for the finer things in life.... like for quality programming such as jersey shore and swamp people. Above is Fallon's creation of Jersey Floor- where it's all about STDs: Shots, Tanning and Drinking. Now if he would just spoof swamp peeps and do a rendition of the fuist brothers cooking garfish balls while chuckling in hillbilly unison, I could die a happy woman.


My View

Even though I was not living in NYC during september 11th, I have a constant reminder of its utterly unimaginable effects. My apartment building directly faces the WTC site-- a strange mixture of equipment and construction workers, that constantly buzzes outside my apartment. It was shocking to see all the secret service, shooters on rooftops, police, unmarked vans and cars quietly settling into place for obama's arrival, all from my living room window. Above, a side by side comparison -- Look for the flag in my photo to see how close in proximity he was to my little ole apartment.


This is what you get

When you cross sweetpea with the planter's peanut.

Atlanta Baby Shower

A new design that will soon be available on lemontreepaperie.com


Pictures coming soon

From Saturday's big night out