A reenactment of me last night

brought to you by a baby and puppets


Ladies Night at Duane Park

A few weekends ago I went to my first ever burlesque show... in Tribeca at Duane Park. We got the lady gang together and had quite the night. If you haven't been-- GO. The dinner show starts at 10pm and lasts well past midnight. The band and the dancers were a ton of fun... but thank god I managed to avoid having to get on stage as an audience volunteer (they blindfold you and make you play paste the pasties on the dancer- after spinning you around in circles for 1 minute). Of course, no night at a burlesque club is complete without buying the obligatory set of pasties... which we promptly started wearing as monocles. Thanks to the girls for a great evening!

Baby Shower Designs for Sweet Kate

Nothing makes me happier than working with a client on their wedding.... and then later for other momentous life moments-- like baby shower invitations! Congrats to Kate and David-- I look forward to meeting that beautiful baby girl when she arrives this year.


Bathtub Nugget

As we all brace for MORE snow and inclement weather – more drudging around in snow boots, more sprayed slush as we wait innocently on street corners – take a moment to unwind your inner winter hate robot and watch this little nugget.

All I can say about the pup is

Hit by the Flu

Have been laying low drinking tea, nyquil and chicken noodle soup like it's my job. Today is my first day back at work, and my voice is, well, interesting. I liken it to kathleen turner meets chain smoker... but my friend Anne more adequately nailed the comparison- Harvey Fierstein. If you play the clip above and close your eyes, you could be, in fact, listening to me sing. Except my singing would be sprinkled with coughing bouts of awfulness.