Dinner at Daniel

Leaving the office in a bit to meet up with evan, scottie, and jason for a wonderful dinner at daniel. I've tried to really hold back on any serious nibbles today, since the meal will be so intense tonight. I just hope I don't commit a dining faux pas-- if only I could have a quick tutorial with a hotel manager like Julia Roberts did in Pretty Woman. But alas, I'm on my own. Wish me luck in picking the right fork.


Cindy Sherman and the bitter Ex

Last night we had the amazing opportunity to attend the Tribeca Film Festival--- courtesy of our co-worker (and resident singing vixen) barbara warnke. Not only did she have an "in" with the film's producer, but she gave us the best seats in the house. The documentary was titled "Guest of Cindy".... An intimate look into a relationship in which one man loses his own identity due to the budding fame of his lover....the lover being the incomparable Cindy Sherman (one of my favorite pieces of her's, pictured above). We first attended a very swanky cocktail party beforehand--- in which we drank our weight in free booze, chased the waiters in hopes of nabbing some hors d'ouevres (to no avail), and spotted celebrities (Emma SWORE she saw david schwimmer, from friends, but I think it was prob just some dude with a bad haircut). After the party and film-- we went to the AFTER PARTY. on a sunday night! Being social past 9 on a sunday is quite foreign to me-- that is usually Law & Order rerun-pajama wearin-bad chinese takeout time.

Dear Gene Simmons

Could you please not stick your massive tongue out in every potentially cute photo? It makes me mad as a hornet. It also makes me unable to smile in photos with you for fear of its surprise attack at the last second. So if you could work on that.... that'd be grrrrreat.

Road to Fame

Holy helmets. Sherle Wagner hosted last thursday evening a wonderful cocktail party/silent auction for the most adorable man alive, Jeremiah Goodman. His work was positively stunning. The lovely Katie J, Rennie, and Marissa met us up there, and well, the rest is history. We now officially have society pictures taken of us... We'll try to remember all you little people out there.
In the meantime can you spare a dollar? I need to pay down my Banana Republic card.


Where the Magic Happens...

Magic being sleep. I saw this recently and really loved the way the room looked-- points for the headboard wall. deductions for the hideous Rooms-To-Go carpet/ barf-arific blinds.

Nuggets Of The Week

My 'Rents circa early 1970s-ish, the creators of all things nuggety.

New Design for Chicks Throwing Bashes

Let me know thoughts-- can't BELIEVE the stationery show is 3 weeks away...yikes to the nth power.


A few snaps of relaxation

I particularly love the shot of the plane wing, with the cityscape just underneath it at the tip.... and of evan's grandmother, lovingly looking up at him.

Back from Palm Beach!

Just had a wonderful weekend sunning and EATING (let me underline and emphasize that as well) at Grandma Wagner's beautiful home in Florida. I have honestly never been fed so well in my life. Unfortunately, while running on the treadmill this morning, I realized that my zealous over consumption made my morning routine feel as if I had added a 7 lb fanny pack...to my stomach.


The many moods of Sweet P.

Oh Hi. You have treat for me? NO?!? KThanxbye.


I love this shot of ren. It seriously looks like an album cover for a band in which she is the lead vocalist.

Lean Cuisine and martinis

Last night, the gang (me, ev, rennie, jim, brian, and johnny) all went to il cantinori for dinner. Ev and I have been before, and honestly, have always had fairly decent meals. Unfortunately, last night, we did not even get that. Jim was served his dish-- still in the tin foil. He accurately described it as a very nice Lean Cuisine. So instead of eating massive mounds of pasta.... we drank. ALOT. So much so that I feel really quite nasty today. Here are a few pics from last night--- and of course, I HAD to showcase rennie's new louboutins. My jealousy over those beautiful kicks borders on unhealthy.



May you have as much fun as me this evening....I'm off to a 'tini happy hour with the rebeccas, and will hopefully not end up in front of my building later in a shopping cart.



If you haven't been to someecards.com, then I'm afraid I can't be friends with you. Most of the humor is pretty crass... but here are a couple of PG ones for the nugget cantina crowd. That means you, mom.


VH1 presents: Behind the Photo

Nothing worse than when the video is on instead of the camera. It seriously makes for the most ridiculous footage ever. As if the Kayne West sunglasses weren't already taking it there. My favorite part is the pained smiley face that masako is making.

Nuggets of the Week

Crumster, Evan Nuggets, and Tiph

Lucky Dinner Party: Part deux

Last night we had another work sponsored event at Los Dados... a great little mexican restaurant down in the meatpacking (again). We had a very long day of "organized fun", so unwinding with some margaritas and salty chips was the perfect end to a hectic 48 hours. As the night wore on and the drinks set in, dancing ensued. Will try to post clip of it later on. Nothing like a small room filled with music and rowdy magazine girls to make a night memorable/scandalous.

Lucky Dinner Party: Part one

This past monday, our publisher treated us to a wonderful dinner at bagatelle in the meatpacking district. I had never been to the restaurant before... and the ambiance was phenom. Huge arrangements with cherry blossoms appeared throughout the main dining room. I had worked on the menus/placecards/table cards, so it was great to see everything come together.


Askew Design Mover and Shaker

Special thanks to my adorable/beautiful sister, ada, who keeps me on track and is the best business woman I know (at the tender age of 23).


Bringing a Little Memphis to the Atl

Lizzie is hosting a big Memphis in May party at her new home in Atlanta this spring, and has asked me to do the invite. Here is the first round. Love working with Memphis icons.

Stick it Sister

I LOVE the way the mama panda freeze frames, and then looks at the camera as if to say "please tell me the tapes were rolling and you got that"

The Wakeforest Posse

The finalized card characters: Beth, Lauren, Allison, Louise, and Catherine

Kitty Yoga

Signs of Spring

Even though Sunday was semi-dreary, the small buds forming on trees gave us a hope that spring will soon be upon us.

Pizza Pow Wow on the Upper West

OMG. The pizza festival held at the Geoffroys was beyond words. Delicious wines, eats, and sweets all around. Ren and I had a marathon-ish walk/run along the Hudson path earlier in the day-- only to top if off with a huge meal, which honestly, we deserved. Ev slaved away in the kitchen, making the dough, and preparing all the toppings. The final pizza of the night.... cavier marscapone! I've never tasted anything quite so amazing. Thanks to all for making the night happen.