First Round for First Look

We have finally tweaked and narrowed down our final rounds of this year's New Collections book-- and will hopefully have it on press in a mere two weeks. The final product will be a real departure from previous pieces- it's more heavily designed with a fashion/editorial bend, vs the straight forward branding of years' past. Above was my first pass at creating this year's look. Although the end result varies greatly- the spirit of the collage theme and typographic treatment is still in tact. I'll have a live link hopefully soon for all to view- and to salivate over the dreaminess of the jewels and diamonds featured.

Kid Sister's Bday this weekend

Can not wait to celebrate this little chicken saturday night

Coming soon

Feeling inspired lately by the likes of Tori Burch and David Hicks, with a pinch of Palm Beach preppiness.


Tunes to Art

By St. Louie born artist Erika Iris Simmons- her conceptually crafty handiwork consists of musical figures made out of pulled cassette tape.

This is about to touchdown in Manhattan

Time to start collecting two of every animal.
Photo stolen from FB friend in Jersey


Hamptons Summer Gala

Just wrapping up on different options for this year's Perlman Summer Gala, to be held in the hamptons. Excited to not only be the designer on the project, but also an attendee. Since it is typically held at a private residence, I decided to render the outdoor visual of tents and hanging lanterns that will be used for the event.


New Wedding Design Suites

coming soon through Askew Design + Whitney English

That's Llama for I hatecha

Today is a full blown humidity disaster. Of course, this is the same day the company has picked to have new photo IDs taken. I naturally had to send this email to myself because my wig is just 7 shades of awful and growing bigger and frizzer by the second.

What I love most is the site's mantra:

What is Llama Font? It's a font made of llamas.
Use it to write out any message you'd like.
It's especially helpful in taking the edge off of bad news.

Need to send a harsh message to a loved one? Helvetica is cold. Say it in llama.
Need to make a confession? Times New Roman is just rude. Say it in llama.


Happy Easter everyone!

May your day be filled with neon colored peeps and delicious cadbury egg fattiness.


The time is coming soon

When our little kimmies will become a woman.


Foundation Rwanda Evite

A design option for this weekend's FR event in LA... if you are in the area, be sure to check into the event- a fantastic evening for a wonderful organization.

Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci

An incredible exhibit featuring pratt students who were invited to design clothing for Pucci's Girl 2 mannequins-- entirely out of paper at Gallery Nine5.

Downtown OysterFest

AM recently threw a party at his new abode, and invited a crew of derelicts (myself included) to help break in his new digs as well as enjoy freshly purchased oysters that he and a friend had hand-shucked in the wee hours of the morning. Below are a few pictures (I once again was enjoying myself too much to remember to take more than a few pre-party ones)- as well as designs for the shindig- the theme being over-the-top preppiness. I've never seen so much seersucker in one venue before- it was a sight for sore eyes for this southerner. Looking forward to next year's party and really working on my preppy Muffy VonSnootin character, complete with pearls, headband and snarky comments.

Blue Balls (by Tiffany)

Yes, we are actually considering dying golf balls blue for this Tiffany sponsored golfing event-- I hope I'm not the only sick puppy to see the humor in this. In the meantime, I've been working away on creating a one-off logo to be used on a myriad of collateral pieces.