A letter to Noah

I received an email this past week from my dear friend Julie.

Subject: An early Christmas Card.....
I just heard a story that broke my heart today.....my Mom told me about a friend of a friend that has a 4 year old little boy dying from cancer.She found out the sad news through the group she works with called the Saint Jude Circle. The group wanted to plan something special for Noah and his family this Christmas. The group asked what he would like as a Christmas gift & he said that he wanted "lots of Christmas cards" ....he didn't even want any kind of toy or grand gift. So I'm asking if you can find 10 minutes to buy a Christmas card a little early this year & mail it to Noah, that would be amazing. We're trying to get 1000 cards sent his way. The tragic news is that he will not make it to the end of December, so if you can send it out in the next 2-3 weeks,he'll be sure to receive your card. Thank you so much.

We really have so much to be thankful for... most importantly, our good health, which we all have a tendency to take for granted. Please y'all, readers of the cantina, take a second to write him a note... he deserves to have as much love in his life right now as humanly possible. Time is unfortunately of the essence, so make sure to do it this week. Below is his address.

Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountain View Circle
South Lyon, MI 48178


Thanksgivin' with my peeps

Last night Katie, Lee and I dined at the Harrison for our Turkey dinner.... and oh boy, it did not disappoint. Afterwards, as we left the restaurant, I noticed an unattended mechanical pony. There's really nothing quite like a nice ride on a pink machine after a big dinner. That was about as close to exercise as I got yesterday.


Christmas Designs for Rebecca B

Nest of Nibble-worthy Nuggets at Pet Store

Spotted: adorable little french bull pups for sale. I was Litch-er-lee* about to put them in my purse and run out.

*british pronunication of literally. also, proper british misuse of the word.

Party in the USA (takes its toll on us)

Great weekend with the one and only Will-Hud. Besides an amazing dinner at Blue Hill, we had a follow up eating binge at Bubby's the next morning for brunch. Feeling a little worse for the wear, we struggled to pull it together and brave the outside. But once we arrived, the following helped nurse us back to health:
Cheese Grits
Led Zepplin
Jalapeno Bloody Marys
Ms. Pacman
and.... a photo booth


Blue Hill, B*tches!

My favorite Memphian, Will, is headed to NYC for the weekend, and to start his trip off on the right foot, we're headed to Blue Hill NYC this Friday. Having been to the original post, I'm excited to try its sister operation... one that was recently graced by the Obamas. Cue the elastic waistband pants! It's going to be a long night of vino drinking and marathon eating.


When Taking The Joke Goes Too Far

Here's what it involved:
My Co-workers, New Jersey, Real Housewives, Foreclosure, Geriatric Pimps, Ham Sandwiches and Animal Prints.
After I blog about it (coming up) let's never, EVER, speak of this again. Capiche?


Baby Finn's Announcements

A few choices for hip mom, Amy. Can't wait to meet Finn in person. Also, let it be known that i find nothing more adorable than a baby burrito. That is all.


Fat Cats Need Love Too

Me torturing sweetpea nuggets last night after a couple of glasses of wine with Crums.


HOLY EFF! Stacey took me this morning to a super secret stuart weitzman sale -- it was actually located in their corporate headquarters. They only had size 9 shoes available... all shoes were either used in photo shoots or in runway shows and therefore unsuitable for resale. People, I just bought the above for $140. All barely worn, if at all. I'm dying over my loot. This just might be the best Wednesday in the history of the universe. Can not WAIT to pair those red suede numbers with a pair of red suede gloves. BAM. POW. WOWWWWW (as nene would say)


Lucky Shops VIP Night

So excited to be going to Lucky Shops this year.... to their amazing opening night VIP party, no less, complete with celebs and drinks! Can not wait to see my old crew, although worried for the combined activity of drinking and shopping... DANGEROUS.
Pictured above: the sweet swag bag that is given out VIP night, and my illustrated banner ad from two years ago

Halloween Getaway

On Saturday, I mustered what strength I had left after a big night out at the ball, to pack and ready myself for a trip upstate to Rhinebeck and Millbrook. And what an incredible treat.... these two towns are not only picturesque, they are down-right stinkin' charming. From enjoying an evening with vino on the front porch watching kiddies trick or treat, to having a quiet dinner at a little french restaurant in town, to touring a local market and buying fresh hot apple cider and doughnuts (score!), I found myself becoming infatuated with small town life. The trek home on Sunday night was just plain painful... I could have stayed forever.

So that just happened...

Kimmies making the most of the open bar.

Us, feigning sobriety. Me, looking amazonian.

Crums in a sea of party goers.

Tiph and I posing paris-hilton-style, in our all sequin get-up. Hey-o!

Miss Morgan, unamused with that guy's pick up line


Yorkville Ball: Masks, drinks and mayhem

Photos coming soon. Pictured, Moi and Kimmons busting moves on the dance floor. I found a dress from Bloomie's that would make any cast member of Dynasty jealous. It was just that sequiny and over-the-top 80's. Eat your heart out Joan Collins.