An Oldie But Goodie...

A poster design I created at Portfolio Center and just rediscovered in the middle of throwing out old files. I was such a little feminist.

Loads Going On...

Will update soon with all the fun news

"It's my puss in a Box..."

Take that Timberlake

Farewell Apartment 6e


We shared some great times, 6e. You've seen me through 3 jobs, 2 boyfriends, 1000 lady get-togethers, 5 slumber parties, countless J pizza deliveries, and much, much more... And you never once judged me when I passed out with my heels on.

Unfortunately, It's the end of an era. Like when 90210 went off the air. Minus Donna Martin and that ill-fitting mermaid costume

6e? No other tenant will love you like I loved you. This one goes out to you, babydoll.


Last Night's Silliness

brought to you by the makers of grey goose... and jack daniels. The official sponsors of our impromptu pub crawl. If only advil and sweet tea were my official morning -after sponsors too
Our photo session included a reenactment of the Blair Witch Project, followed by my impression of a mexican jumping bean...Don't ask. Felt right at the time.


This just made my Year

HOLY EFF!!!!!!! This rocks my world like a millon orders of fish n' chips - God I miss London-- Put a 100 rings on it!

I Want This.

Move over Sweetpea. You've been replaced by a monkey/bear/puppy/squirrel/lemur thingie that enjoys underarm scratches with tightly clutched fists.


Jean's Bridal Shower invite

We wanted to go with a garden, floral theme for her shin dig, so for this piece, we thought it would be fun to have die-cut floral inserts with additional information.


Congrats to Kara Giles!

I'm proud to announce that Kara has bought the Stovall Collection in Oxford... and that we've been in the process of redesigning her logo and branding (signage, packaging, etc). She is such an amazing business woman-- can't wait to see her store grow!


Rangers Game- Front and Center

Last week, I was invited to my first Rangers game, and I kid you not, was seated right across the row from the incomparable comedic duo, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. It took everything in me not to attack them like a crazed school girl at a Justin Timberlake concert. *swoon*

Park your Peeps in the Hudson

My favorite submission this year to the third annual National Peeps Diorama Competition..

My Colors are Blush, and Bashful...

Katie, Ash and I have decided to take Scottie's upcoming bridal shower to the next level of southern ridiculousness... We're having a Steel Magnolia themed get-together. Complete with gloves, hats, and a visual overdose of pink. Just call me Weeza Askew.


I never make a criticism, if I don't have a Rez-a-loo-shun

Don't get me wrong--- I love a good business card. Heavy card stock brings me the same sort of happiness usually reserved for a fresh plate of piping hot fries. But this guy? WHOA. 25 years to design, eh? Can't wait to see how long the letterhead and envelopes will take.

Is it me or is he like the Arrested Development Job of paper products?

favorite line: "See this card? CHEAP. Strathmore stock. 60 lb. Holds a crease. Looks like crap? It IS crap."


River Cafe

Goodness! Wonderful night spent over a lot of glasses of wine..... holy view


Baby Shower Pig Roast

An unusual request for a themed invite... but had a blast designing it.

More Photos of event

It was in-cred-ible. The entire floor served as a huge party venue... which felt completely peculiar, standing next to computers with a martini in hand, all the while thinking, "isn't this suppose to be the nexus of our entire financial system? Holy Dow, hope I don't spill anything by accident".

Of course, security was tight, and pictures from personal cameras were not allowed. I did manage to score one renegade shot of the crowd via Iphone. Take that NYSE!