My costume next year

Spotted on the streets of NYC last night (errr... early morning rather). Thank god for iphones and moxie.

Liz's Wedding part deux

and a few more shots to add--- I love the images of Liz and Nick-- she was truly one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen. And also? The tiniest. Oh, and one more thing: THE most talented. She handcrafted many of the details in both the ceremony and reception, which did not go unnoticed.


On Today's edition of "That's Not My Name"

Oh starbucks. You and your skinny vanilla lattes bring me back to life. But here's my beef jerky with you: why must my name always be wrong on the cup? I'm starting to wonder if I don't have some sort of speech impediment or horrible lisp.
To date, I've seen:
and my personal favorite....Zosie
But today? Today's name really took the cake.

Thank you

I Have Heart Palpitations

For the writer of this article. Thank you for finally covering an issue very near and dear to my heart.


Wedding Announcement Designs

For Katie's lovely sister, Karen, who recently tied the knot. Since it was a Memphis wedding, I wanted to create a background graphic that relates to memphis -- hence the cotton shaped pattern.


Yorkville Ball

I think I just might attend this year. Wish me luck on the dress and mask.

oh, and here is an oldie. look at the wig! yorkville ball, 2006


Evite Choices for another non-showery shower

We've been getting heaps of requests lately for baby showers invites—and almost all have asked for a non-cutesy theme. I think baby showers of the future are going to be a lot more gender-neutral/friendly, which is a-ok by me. I was never good with baby trivia or weird shower games. I am good, however, at devouring everything sweet within a one mile radius at these things. So shower hosts take heed: keep your delicious baked goods out of my reach, or else it won't be pretty.


Working late on a very special British wedding

Starting to feel better after a long day of achy-ness (thank you very little, mister flu)... and am working on Mary and Duncan's wedding options. So far, this is one of my all time faves. Really hope they'll like one of the design directions I give them next Monday.
*click to enlarge*


The Night Before Liz Mare-weed

There is one thing I love in this world more than a hot slice of J's pizza.... and it's the Candlelight. A tiny little dive bar situated on Pearl street near Wash Park, it quickly became one of my go-to hangouts while living in Denver. As in, I would go there by myself after a particularly grueling day at my job (which involved working for a Singles Club, but alas, I'll save that story for later). Anyhoo... The Candlelight was my Cheers. Friendly staff, amazing juxebox (on which I always insist on playing "Get what you want" by New Radicals. Don't judge), and of course.... the ultimate... SHUFFLEBOARD.
After Liz's rehearsal dinner in the park, the CC gang collectively headed to our old haunt, and began drinking ourselves into a 90's oblivion. Favorite parts of the evening:

a) Eric photo-bombing every shot
b) Finding the EXACT SAME STAFF and locals that had been there 10 years ago
c) Nikki taking the drinking to the next level (level awesome/club ER)
d) and Alex, oh alex... taking his shirt off outside and chasing people once we closed down the bar.

Good times dotcom.

Co-ed Baby shower

Coming soon is the baby celebration for Catherine and her hubs, and so I'm working with the Wake girls to come up with a cute design that can be carried throughout the event.
*FYI, I'm currently obsessed with the typeface Archer.