Malachite Moment

Losing my mind for these malachite inspired pieces.
Dress: Monique Lhuillier dress from Bergdorf Goodman and 
baubles by Kelly Wearstler


Love this look

Layered. Colorful. 
I call it crazy cat lady chic.

Darcy the Flying Hedgehog

I will momentarily relinquish my obsession with anything Frenchie to admit
there's a new nugget in instagram town. And her name is Darcy the Hedgehog
And you must follow her. 

Son of a Nutcracker

Can't believe the holidays are slowly descending upon us. 
Christmas music is already starting to waft through department stores, 
and at TCO headquarters, the initial signs of holiday planning are
starting to fill our inboxes. Above, an engraved calligraphed 
invitation I designed for markets to use.

A Guide to NYC

Hilarious animated gifs to help newcomers navigate their way 
around the big apple


Sunset in downtown NYC

From last week's walk home

Art Deco Wedding

A few shots of the printed pieces we created for a glam, art-deco themed wedding.
Mazel to two of our favorite people, Kira and David! 

Work Night on Greenwich Street

Huge roster of freelance projects that need to be completed in the 
next few weeks, so spending this chilly fall eve in my apartment, getting 
my design-on. 


Interesting Tidbit

Ran across this while pulling swipe for a project.... 
The MGM lion was recorded and filmed at the Memphis Zoo, back in the 
1920's. Considering how close my family's house is to the zoo, I could
usually hear the lions at night... which was a little unnerving.


PMP's Twentieth Anniversary

To help our friends at PMP celebrate the momentous occasion, 
we designed options for their anniversary logo to use on collateral 
and mailer pieces.


Current Artist Obsession

Teil Duncan. Positively love her abstract beach scenes and 
use of colorful bold strokes. 



...handle this.
His name? Trotter. His deal? Sassiness.
Follow him on instagram to find out how fancy and
fashionable this little nugget is.

Labor Day Weekend in M-town

Headed home to Memphis tomorrow for a fun filled weekend 
with old (and new) friends. It's been a gazillion years since
I've hit up Horseshoe Lake, but low and behold, I might be found
scooting around Saturday on a wave runner. *gulp*


Jump Around

Because it's Friday. And payday. With zero humidity. TGIF y'all!


Sneak Peek

Currently working on our client's branding and website using Wix.com. 


Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show

I had an incredible opportunity in July to fly in for 24 hours to see both
bands in Denver play at Red Rocks... and natch jumped at the chance.
I mean, what's not to love about banjos and mountain air after all? 

Many many thanks to MP for making it all happen and for letting
me get back to my CO roots.


Event Design for Ladies with Bumps

For our fabulous freelance client, featuring a full day of great giveaways 
and fitness for pregnant women in which companies will be promoting 
healthy prenatal foods and modified pregnancy workouts.


Happy 4th, Nuggets!

May your independence day involve hotdog comas and bottle rocket mishaps.

And to truly celebrate like a real 'murican, follow these tips by the very
embodiment of red white and blue awesomeness, Ron Swanson


Here Comes the Sunscreen

Great pictures from a piece in the NY Times. Fairly certain I made every one 
of the expressions as a kid being tormented by constant sunscreen application.


So this happened today

My reaction upon learning a truckload of cookies were left on
the free counter at work.

I really can not be trusted around buttery confections.
Not one bit.


From the Cuba files...

Out in the streets of Havana with our personal serenader

And my favorite shot during our trip-- taken by the incredibly talented Kimmies

Montreal Jazz Fest, Here We Come

Headed with the ladies to Montreal's Jazz Festival this weekend. 
Attempting to polish up on my french which is, um, pas si bon. But oh la la,
I can't wait for decadent food, great music and lots of trouble. 


Last Night on the Water

Beautiful views and weather combined with endless champagne. 
A big thank you to Heather and Jon for setting the whole affair up!


EID ecard

Challenging making an ecard luxe... hence the use of gradients to give 
the allusion of metallic gold. Above, one of my many outtakes for next 
year's EID card.

Tonight: Boating on the Hudson!

Can not wait to join friends who have rented a sailboat this evening 
for cocktails along the Hudson. The perfect end to a very hot, 
and very crazy, Thursday.

Makes me want to pull an Andy Samberg on the high seas!


Must Have

Finally found an affordable sputnik chandelier... via ZGallerie. Can't wait to order!


In honor of the Preakness

A fab fascinator I wish I had to don. Also, so sleepy from working crazily on 
freelance projects that I originally typed in "Prickness". Time for bed!


Happy Mother's Day

I certainly hit the lottery with my mom. Thank you for all the love and support 
and for constantly making me a better person. My world wouldn't be the same
without you.


Freedom Tower's Big Day

Watched the freedom tower this morning from my living room receive its 
height-defining spire. Felt incredibly patriotic, while standing in my 'jamas.

Oh wow...And my pic got picked up in story featuring spire photos. 

Maybe They Should Have Tried Golden Grahams

Quite possibly the best thing this Friday morning (besides the sunny weather) 
is this series of Vine videos by Ryan McHenry in which Ryan Gosling refuses 
to eat his cereal. 


Engagement Press Kit

The product of my 2012 blood, sweat and tears, in the flesh. 


Nacho Friend

A drunk woman told her animator husband a really lame joke
about tortilla chips. He turned it into a cartoon.


Lunchbox Treat

Sweetheart Dad illustrates his kid's sandwich bag every morning for 
school since 2008. Click here to see all of his graphic designs.


Tutu Birthday Invite for Little Sophia

Ballerina themed birthday invitation for one of NYC's cutest little pickles.

Wedding Monogram Exploration

For my client, and beautiful bride-to-be, Kristen, and her groom, Kevin. 
So excited to not only have a double K monogram to play with—but luckily 
for me, the groom has one of the best last name initials to work with- W.
Above is our first round of monogram treatments without color, ranging
from traditional to modern.

TCO Lunar Gifiting Envelopes

Printed pieces I created for this past year's Lunar New Year. Gold Foil on a 
speciality red paper with hints of gold flecks. 


Invasion of the Blue Box

Happening at Rockefeller Center. Tiffany's biggest yearly event is here: 
the opening gala for the debut of the 2013 Blue Book Collection


Coachella Rave Dad

Just when I feel like I'm too old for certain things (like outdoor, all-day concerts 
or flip cup competitions)... I stumble upon Rave Dad, and think to myself, 
I'm just fineeeee 

Because aren't we all just a little Rave Dad deep down inside?

Party on Garth.

Women Are Truly Their Own Worst Critics

Truly fascinating study involving a sketch artist and peoples' perceptions
of their own physical selves. 

I would be all, "you're going to need to back up if you intend to fit all this
hair on one page." I'm fairly certain my stranger friend would agree.

Now the hilarious male rebuttal to this video

Me, Last Night

 Upon finding out Grace's performance was cut to a quick montage 
on The Voice Battlerounds