My fav picture of the night

Jen and Barbs, talking politics over vino.

Lucky Reunion

Last night I grabbed drinks with good friends-- amazing designers that I worked with during my days at Lucky Magazine. We headed over to the posh Bar 44 in the Royalton Hotel. It has superb lighting coupled with modern interior design-- the perfect place to lavishly unwind after a long day at work-- all in front of chic, oversized fireplaces. It certainly hurt our wallets a bit, but it was worth it.


Turkey Time

Last Thursday night, the NYC alumni of St. Mary's got together. It was wonderful to see old classmates (Sigrid and Jessica)--- and to meet all the younger graduates (so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed). Impressively, out of our graduating class of 44 (people, not year, geesh), we have 5 SMS'ers in the city. Now if only we could create some sort of senior den-like haven for those days when we want to wear pajamas and binge-eat cookies. Maybe it could be a little apt somewhere in the city?

Oh, and did I mention that Virginia brought her precious little newborn peanut? She was tiny. So, so tiny. Like burritos from Chipotle are bigger than her. If she had a little honey mustard sauce on her, I might have mistaken her for a chicken nugget. THANKFULLY I did not.

*photo courtesy of Sigrid

Napkins for Ren's Shower

I love fun design details for an event.... even down to the napkins. Here are a few options for the big baby shower.



A little friendly email reminder I sent out yesterday to those who have not responded. I know personally I'm always so bad about Rsvp'ing to events-- it will be on my list of New Year's Resolutions this year. That, and breaking my french fry addiction-- although I might have to check into rehab for that. I wish I could quit you, you little fried sticks of heaven.

Askew Family Christmas Cards

For the last two years, I've been designing our family card, and am looking forward to starting on this year's look. Obviously, the silos must stay (and be updated), but am hoping to change around the format a little more. And yes Dad, I promise to get them to you ON TIME this year...

The Apartment Blue Print

Almost in it's final stages... a few changes to come to the layout, courtesy of Papa Askew. I will have to find the original-- we definitely are changing ALOT of what is already there. But when it's done (in like 5 years from now) it will be amazing.


My Night, in a Nutshell.

Have a wonderful weekend! Ev and I are off to buy lobsters (the TODAY show claimed they are cheaper than baloney) for our delicious dinner.


Apple Pickin': The New Contact Sport

Apple Picker Extraordinaire from Nugget Cantina on Vimeo.

For All You Procrastinators Out There...

Click Here. You're Welcome.

Gatsbyish Event

An invite revamp for a Junior League event to be held in Memphis this winter. Wanted to keep it modern, sophisticated, and formal feeling. Bickham typeface to the rescue!

Blue Hill-- continued

A few more views of the restaurant and premises. If you haven't been, save your pennies right this second, and call and make a reservation. It's beyond worth it.

Apartment Art

So begins the task (albeit fun) of finding and collecting ideas for our new apartment decor. Evan and I, while in Memphis, and not gorging ourselves with bbq, went to the Perry Nicole gallery to take in some of the new collections they were showcasing. Artist Peter Hoffer's work immediately caught our eye. Subtle, sublime, and soothing– yet curiously dramatic. Solitude, the piece pictured above, was our favorite. I hope that one day it will hang from our Tribeca walls.


Apple Pickin' and Blue Hill Stone Yum

Last Saturday, Lee, Katie, Ev and I headed out to the great outdoors (otherwise known as upstate New York) and spent a beautiful fall day picking what few apples were left at a nearby farm. Forgoing the usual device needed to reach highly placed apples, Evan decided to bring out his NBA basketball player skills and tackle/dunk/ grab every apple out of reach. It brought us endless comedy-- but perhaps scared nearby children. Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with a superb meal at Blue Hill Stone Barn in Tarrytown... one of the best tasting menus I've had to date. We also strolled around the farm and found creepily large swine that will bring me nightmares for many years to come.

Scottie's Bday at Otto

Last Tuesday, the girlies got together for some delicious grub and vino to celebrate Miss Scottie Watson's 25th birthday. How is it possible that a girl, who was so beautiful even back in the 6th grade (as evidenced by the middle school dance photos on facebook), is still a hot tamale? I can only deduce that she has made some sort of deal with the devil. And more importantly, where can I sign up?


More Reunion Pics

Later that evening, we headed to the Blue Star for our reunion dinner--- a tradition since our sophomore year in college. Afterwards, we headed to the big tent for the dance, where I started to feel like an old grandma, what with all the young twentysomethings bopping around. Unfortunately, the running man and the roger rabbit just aren't that cool of dance moves anymore.


Denver, the Springs, and the Gang

After arriving in Denver Thursday night, I immediately became excited about waking up Friday morning to Colorado weather-- blue blue sky, with mild temps. Unfortunately, we didn't get that 5 star day. Instead it rained incessantly, and was freezing cold. After driving around and looking at some of my old haunts in the Big D (such as my old house that I shared with Lizzie back in '99-'01), we drove down to the Springs-- and what a drive. The clouds cleared, and the mountains started to emerge. I was itching for some Rusted Root soundtracks while bopping down I-25.

Headed to Homecoming

Last weekend, the Colorado College class of '98 regrouped in tiny Colorado Springs to relive old times. I decided to bring the evster with me so that he too could experience such Springs treats like Wooglins, Garden of the Gods, Blue Star, terre verde, and much, much more. We flew out of nyc on Thursday evening, and because of the departure time of our flight, decided that taking a chopper out to the airport would ensure not getting stuck in rush hour traffic. It was my first time on a helicopter... and I was pretty terrified. There is something not quite right about them-- they look so heavy in the front– seemingly they could tip over at any moment. But the ride was really pleasant (and short!) and landed us straight at our gate. Gotta love door to door service.


My Hero

I will forgive her for those awful fish lips as of late for this beautiful photo. You know what really brings it all together? Her dark brows. Clearly I'm a believer of the power of the brow, or as my father calls them, "face caterpillars".

Julie's Baby Shower

The next morning, I headed over to a very fancy baby shower in Buckhead for the lovely Julie Mellon. It was a huge turnout with some of the most fashionable women--- this season's YSL heels at 11am is no small feat! They are one inch away from being technically stilts, and yet, someone was dressed to the nines, braving the height factor. I stuck with a slightly lower pair of Louboutins that my sweet, sweet boyfriend bought for me. Yeah, I've got a good one ladies.

Saturday Night

On Saturday, Anna, Bird, Lizzie, John, Ev and I went out to dinner, and then headed to an assortment of parties. One of our stops was at Five Paces-- it's amazing how an old school favorite dive bar suddenly seemed populated with kids--- and then I remembered it had been five years since I last visited the watering hole. My, how time flies. Lizzie won the award for having the worst/drunkest guy at the bar hit on her. Apparently announcing that you're married is no deterrent to someone seeing triple.

Fat Matts Such As

Feeling a little hungover the first morning of our trip in Atlanta (after a fun dinner out with Julie and Dean), and having the brain capacity of Miss Teen South Carolina, we were capable of demanding only one thing: BBQ. It was the only thing that could save us. John and Lizzie obliged and took us to Ev's favorite little bbq shack-- and slowly, but surely, we began to feel human again.


Leaving for the Atl Today!

And I'm so excited to see all my friends there... We are staying with Lizzie and John (and the Franster, their beagle) at their incredible home in the virginia highlands. We are also meeting up with Julie and Dean later this evening for a delicious dinner at Fritti. ATL, here we come!