I Do Declare

This concoction speaks to my inner fancy redneck

Late Spring Color Combo

melon pink + golden yellow + faded mint


NYC In The Eve

Hello Symmetry

Love the arrangement of items for an editorial feature on kitchenware


Gorgeous back detail


We are in full Gatsby mode over here, designing for upcoming events and movie screenings in which elaborate custom made Tiffany pieces will be featured... all of which I shot with photographers last August before they were shipped to Australia to the movie set, to be worn by its stars. Preview was just released-- looks incredible. Time to get the popcorn and milkduds ready...


Sissy's wedding

Pops and Sis getting their swerve on. This picture does not even begin to do her dress justice. She looked absolutely stunning.

Me and Big Lee dancing to late night tunes

Katie J and Lizzie Lou with me post wedding, enjoying some brews and burgers at the one and only E&H. I practically had to be carried out after being crippled by my shoes

more to come!


Gimme me gimme me

 a fab entry way- a girl can dream...about living in something other than a shoebox

So much rain here in NYC- ready for some blue skies and sunshine

We survived

An-fer-knee's Derby/preppy/cinco de terror/drinkathon. Barely.

And somehow I became a shuckin' master thanks to sweet Car-o-line.