Baby Tawk

Mom and I weathered Hurricane Shamrock last weekend by staying in, ordering delicious eats, and drinking mucho vino. We ordered My Week with Marilyn .... and as Kimmies pointed out last night, MM really was the originator of sexy baby, with her whispery baby voice, over-the-top vulnerability and goo goo ga ga attitude. Thank you Tina Fey, for dedicating an episode to this.


Love these vintage illos on eggs for Easter. A lovely DIY project for those with a little free time.

Wedding Logo Exploration

Quick close-ups of different traditional monogram treatments for an upcoming summer wedding I've been working on. More to come as we flesh out the whole invitation suite.


Black and White

Soho, NYC


Dancing in the rain

Designs for Spring 2012 Benefit

Round one for PMP-- wanted to use type that reflected the look of the space. The room at the Armory that is being used for this event was coincidentally originally designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Holy Synergy.


This blog speaks to me on so many levels. I can relate to every. single. post.

Late Night Karaoke with Coworkers

What started out innocently enough as an attempt to blow some steam, ended up as a completely debaucherous affair- whiskey shots, reo speedwagon, duets that would make dogs howl and so much more.

And of course, I had to sing a little something from my boy Phil Collins. This song takes me back every time...

Phill Collins - Against All Odds .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine


Matchbox designs


adorable illo for leopard print flats