New logo for custom line

and hopefully a new website to follow shortly!


Bridal Shower Out takes

Few more pics of Jean's marathon-bridal shower-pub crawl-karaoke-awesomeness that rendered me a waste of skin the next day.


Gearing up for 2009 Holiday Card

A few quick starts for this year's corporate card


Postcards From the Hamps

A few of my favorite pics from the weekend, including an art-directed poolside shot, complete with Hamptons Magazine, Betty Draper lipstick (bonus points: it matched the lounge cushion) and a martini. And yes people, my skin is just that white. Love giving 70 SPF a run for its money.

Friday Showers

Unfortunately Friday brought less than desirable weather our way -- as in a never ending monsoon -- but we made the most of it by drinking our way through a lazy afternoon at an appropriately named pub in east hampton, Rowdy Hall. Indeed.


Buh Bye

Have been invited to spend a long weekend in the Hamps... and am leaving first thing tomorrow for what will hopefully be a sunny weekend away with great company.

Feast fit for Kings (and Curly Qs)

Am working with RB and JB on their INCREDIBLE menu for their wedding... I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to experience this palette pleaser first hand come July. It will be one for the history books. Above, a sample of the menu and recipe card-- with a diagram of the folder that will house all pieces. Also, examples of patterned escort cards that will be placed just outside the reception tent.