Coffee Table Envy

I have a major addiction to shelter magazines (elle decor being one of my favorite reads) and loved this seemingly effortless coffee table set up.


Baboons and Breakfast

Holy Monkey business. Sweet Sarah Lacy and her adorable hubs, Geoff, were innocently enjoying a lovely breakfast for two on their trip when out of nowhere, a full-fledged biscuit raid ensued. Find out what happens when baboons stop being polite and start getting REAL. Real World... Africa.

* the beginning promo for this video clip was illustrated by moi

Back in NYC!

Just arrived back very late last night, and am still fairly pooped this morning. Will post all pics and stories from my denver trip this week... but for now, coffee. lots of it. This week is going to be a hectic one. Many thanks to my ester who put me up for 5 days and fed me countless late night corn dogs. You, little lady, are the best.


Almost There...

can not wait til the full blown temp site is up...

Penguin Book Covers

Not only did I find this vintage compilation of past penguin book jackets (so amazing).... but their recent release of three great classics really blew me away... the illustrations are phenomenal. And so I ordered them, naturally.


Maysey's Art Show

The memphis ladies of NYC gathered together last thursday evening to show our support for Maysey Craddock and her fantastic exhibition being currently featured at the Nancy Margolis Gallery, in the heart of the art gallery district. Plus, we had the rare opportunity to see our fellow SMS classmate, Louisa "legs" Craddock (now Altman). Virginia brought her precious bean, Carolina Clover, who by the looks of this photo, was trying to get a lit-tle too handsy with me.

Later I met up with Crums and Katie for some business pow-wowing at Tressle over martinis.

Crum's Apartment

Seriously, the most amazing views of the city I've ever seen. All windows faced out to the water.... you could see and hear the current.


Today's photoshoot

huge HUGE thanks to both katie J and crumdiggety for helping pull off an insanely productive day--- the website should be up and running in no time! here are just a few nuggets from today's shoot.

also, I have complete and utter apartment envy now. *sigh*


Baby Portraits

My new calling... making custom baby illustrations for framing. Next up, custom pet illos.

TGIF Nuggets

I present to you my "happy place" for today. Mark my words, I will one day own a Frenchie. And name her Fancy. And make her slide sideways in unusual-looking dog sweater/dresses. Just you wait.


Bites and Prosecco at D Desserts

Invite going out for Liz's bridesmaid luncheon-- excited to host and to meet the other ladies in the wedding party.

Just another Wednesday Night

One long subway ride to Bobo......$2

Four delicious slightly dirty martinis enjoyed over chit chat with a great friend......$40.00

Dressing up a fireman with your hermes scarf and posing on his truck in full gear get-up......




I randomly found 27 buckaroonis in my pocket. Coincidence? I think not.


Labor Day Pics

Gina's amazing fried chicken shindig followed by Late Night Tomfoolery.


Ride the Ritalin Train Home Fry

There are many things to celebrate today: upcoming three day weekend, fried chicken and martinis at Gina's on Saturday, and of course, the number one reason...

Seeing my wonderful friend Tiph tonight!

Therefore, in honor of aforementioned awesomeness, I present to you the most amazing dancer... EVER.

This really could serve as a PSA for MARSP (Mothers Against Refined Sugar Products). This is your brain. This is your brain on pixie sticks and cokes.