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More wedding pics

My little brother and me walking quickly down the aisle, ready for the reception festivities to begin

My little sis and me, cry-laughing

Mum and I are up early editing Sissy's wedding DVD for a wedding album we are making, and came across a few that I had not seen. I can't believe it's already been 2 months since the big event.


Color Me Striped

Life's A Beach

Adorably styled shoots. Photography by Shannon Greer


Drenched in NYC

Taken an hour ago at 10,000 ft by a passenger leaving out of LaGuardia.


Save The Dates

New designs offered in variety of colors


Tufted headboard and ikat goodness


Reason #102398012 why I love NYC

 Manhattanhenge, last night, on 42nd street


Wait just a glam moment!

Dior Couture. Heavenly.


I can't wait til it's fully poured either

Feather Box Clutch

A light orange feather print perspex clutch by Charlotte Olympia
Surprising detail: the orange enameled spider clasp.

Pics from the Veuve Polo Match

Backdrop to the event, NYC skyline.

The long road to board the ferry home. 
Claustrophobia dotcom

Anne and I enjoying the bubs

I call this one "rich people trash"

While Nacho and I didn't cross paths (apparently he was there to play polo or something), I certainly crossed the path of quite a few glasses of Veuve. Great weather this time around... with hilarious sightings of fancily dressed people drunk as skunks, dancing in the middle of a field in New Jersey.

New Designs Coming Soon!


Type logo

Current sampling of a logo exploration for one of NYC's up and coming stylists.

TCO Diamond

One of my favorite projects thus far-- invitations for events featuring our newly set Yellow Diamond necklace. The diamond is a staggering 128 carats and absolutely stunning to see in person.

SMS reunion

My group of friends from high school are putting together a little mini reunion 
in Memphis, and the trash-talking/threats of late night drinking and mayhem/ 
old high school photo swapping has commenced. And it's getting ugly. Real ugly. 

It all started innocently enough when I sent a senior year photo of a group 
of us wearing jeans so high that even steve urkel let out a gasp.

But then I got schooled. By Lou. Who sent a photo from our senior year Destin trip, 
in which I'm caught red handed (and headed) in some sort of Magic Mike moment. 

There are no words... Or amount of sanitizer...To help me through this.

I'm a sucker

for summertime seersucker

Website Design

New site I designed for a fabulous copywriter... Anne Roderique Jones. Wanted to play off of Annie's great retro style and charming personality. Click here to see full site.