Again, from the "cutest baby ever" collection of photos I have. I once went on a date with a guy who made a very similar kissy face at the end of the night. Not as cute when you're twenty something, drunk, and overly presumptuous.

Chugging along on a Notecard

Working on Lauren's cards for a belated birthday gift. Will probably use one of the chartreuse patterns below for the opposite side of the notecard.


I Know It's Thursday Night and All But...

three things that go well together: rain, eating pants, and law and order reruns. heaven.


Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Grey Poupon... or like a Ketchup packet?

I did an illo for The Knot around this time last year, of an old fashioned vintage car. Funny enough, my dad has almost the same type of car in our garage. What I wouldn't give to cruise around in it here in the city. That would be so high falutin' and fancy. Maybe then I could get into the Beatrice Inn... Eh, doubtful. Unless I dress up like one of those surly Olsen twins.

Product Pattern

Being a cosmetic user and abuser, I loved this pattern of lady stuff.


Angry Owl Cat Thinks You Should Sleep with One Eye Open Tonight

For matching her to the furniture.

Jessica and I Have Alot in Common

This really sums up how I feel at the end of the day. Esp the part in the kitchen. Would it be weird to do that? Like, I could just open my trap and someone would throw a block of brie and apples in there?

The girl who died from not getting a pony

Ev and I, for some random reason, had a conversation about Shel Silverstein last night. I remember having all of his books, reading them religiously, and loving every drop. Not to mention the line drawings attached to each poem- so simple, yet hilariously brilliant. My personal favorite was "Little abigail and the beautiful pony". I used to read the poem to my parents on a nightly basis....and then feign death. Usually with some overly dramatic choking scene. I really thought that might do the trick. 25 years later, I'm still ponyless ( AND penniless, thanks to living in nyc). But still lovin' Shel.

Go to http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dimension/9630/shel/abigail.html to read the poem, if you haven't already.

Nuggets Of the Week

Big Lee Askew and some fellow random navy dudes, circa before-the-wheel-was-invented. Which reminds me, isn't Fleet Week coming up? Nothing quite like getting ogled by 17 year old pimply Popeyes every corner you turn, and for some sick reason, thinking, "aahhh... still got it".

Dog or Mule?

Spotted in Central Park on Sunday. Biggest. Dog. Ever. This picture doesn't do justice. It was as if it was walking its owner on a leash. Even though they are sweet animals, there is still a part of me that doesn't want to make eye contact. I just sort of nervously smile and slowly walk backwards, while scanning the area for the closest tree to climb.


Pattern Play

A few patterns that I've been working on for future projects. Thought these would make fun graphics for backs of invites.

Burgers n' Buns

Working on this new design for the stationery show-- Will hopefully be a hit for those looking to throw cookouts this summer.

Time Flies

My little brother, Nick, turned 21 this weekend. I might as well bust out the dentures and hearing aids... I'm officially getting OLD. Happy birthday, Nickster! Finally, no more brown-bagging and fake ids for you...



me and big pops in vail.... circa 2001. We later went to a local pizzeria (shocker) and saw a ski bunny flash the clerk when placing her order. Natch, she got her meal free. Ah yes, that's what you love to see when you're with YOUR DAD. Anyway, I'm off to kick back after a long, long week of work and play. Ev, get my glass of wine ready.

VIPing in Vermont

I loaded up the official invite to eg's birthday party in vermont this past december. Wish we could all go back there for another fun weekend getaway in our ridiculously nice condo... even if our diet merely consisted of liquor and doritos. class class class.


Peep Show

I would like to meet the person who concocted this.

Pizza Clinic

As previously mentioned, my love for pizza is somewhat unhealthy. You know you've gone too far, when the pie shop you frequent, allows you to come back and make your own. And wear their aprons. And boss them around with a ladle.

Here is, unfortunately, photographic evidence of my addiction. Let it serve as a cautionary tale.

Things I Could Do All Day Long

Some people find washing dishes therapeutic. Others enjoy long drives. For me, it's line drawings. Working on a 3-d line drawing seriously helps me unwind. It's soothing, rewarding work. Above are a few for Sherle Wagner.

Crushin' on a Cell

Yes. I know. They've been out forever. People waited in line for hours just to buy the first ones. Yada yada. But I'm a big believer in second generation. And I've been waiting. Patiently. And now the time is here... and I'm seriously about to Veruca-out for it.


Nuggets Of the Week

My two hot, tammy-faye-mascara-lovin sisters (ada and sissy). Big lashes and eyeliner... it's an Askew thing.

From egg nog to BBQ

Above is the Xmas card I designed for Lizzie and her hubs, John. Am starting this week a new invite for a fun get together that they're having at their new home. Will have to incorporate their lovable, non-evan lovin' pooch, Frannie. She makes for a great graphic.

Archtype Launch

Woof. Website design. It is a whole 'nother beast. Setting up navigational systems, etc, is not my forte. But with the help of the evster, we are slowly but surely making progress on designing his new website. Will post a link once it's up and running. Might have to celebrate with a couple of martinis, too.

The House...

Was a little "eh". Don't get me wrong. The restaurant itself is adorable... and the four of us (Rennie, Jim, Evan, and the wig) had a great time, as always. Unfortunately, the food did not match the ambience. Good, but not hold-the-phone great. Hopefully my next restaurant pick will be a little more on point.



I'm leaving the office in 5...4....3....2....1. photos courtesy of the amazing Crumley.

Makeup Your Mind

The lovely folks over at Makeup Forever asked me to submit a sketch for a line of simple illustrations that they need for brochures on faux lash application. It seems as if I'm up against a few other illustrators for the job... Hopefully by Monday I'll know their decision. Could use that freelance check to go towards my booth design for the stationery show.

Perfect yet Peculiar Penmanship

I've always been a fan of good handwriting. Perhaps my obsession turned bad when I was ridiculed in the 8th grade for having the handwriting of a serial killer (translation: creepily perfect). But I have been absolutely dying to take calligraphy courses in the city... especially after stumbling upon this particular artist. This might knock my desire to take cooking classes out of it's first slot position.

Visit http://betsydunlap.googlepages.com/bdunlap for more examples


This is a party invitation design I've been working on-- Heavy cardstock with front and back letterpressing. It's a dream job really. Ah, the wonderful things you can do when given an ample budget!

Nuggets of the Week

Memphis Mamas: Scottie Wats and Shani Arms


A letter to Florence Broadhurst

Dear Flo,
You were one cool chick. Your innovative patterns and prints have come to inspire generations of designers. Including me. And I love that you were a fan of Vegemite too.

XO, sophie

Things I Love at 6:45 am

They are pretty limited. Because I'm a total Robot Of Hate© (a term the talented and hilarious Jean Weisman coined many moons ago, and that I still use today to describe my non-early-rising self). This is my view in the morning. If only the rest of the day could be this peaceful...


Saturday Night

Last Saturday night was Mrs. Geoffroy's birthday dinner.... the Geoffroy clan, plus one Askew, met at JoJo's for a wonderful night of eating rich foods and drinking delicious wines. Even grandma Wagner (Evan's maternal grandmother) flew in from FL for the big event. In this picture, guess which has more fur-- Linda's new mink hat, or evan's post-ski trip pirate beard...

Cat vs. Crustacean


Celeb Mums

The lovely ladies over at Parents.com just recently commissioned me to design a graphic for their webpage dedicated to famous, pregnant moms. Here are the first round rough graphics I'm submitting today. Will be interesting to see which one they go with...

Monday Morning

Woof. This whole day light savings thing is really painful for folks like me who wake up early to go to the gym.... I was really getting used to waking up to sunlight. And now, it's pitch black again. I found this Ikea online ad-- a brilliant campaign with gorgeous design--and am posting the link in honor of being tired and wishing for that extra hour back.


I particularly love the segment where the woman leaps backwards into the bed. An instinct I'm fighting off as we speak.



The time is finally here! I think a post work drink is in order....even though the champagne dinner from last night hasn't exactly done me any favors today...

Vanity Supported by Great Legs

I've decided to switch back to my old career of leg-modeling. Here is my recent work. Kidding clearly, since my pale stems have not seen the light of day in years. Actually, I did this ad campaign with ev for Sherle Wagner in this month's Architectural Digest. Check it out at newstands, instead of slyly flipping through US weekly while waiting in checkout... especially since Britney is no fun anymore.

Oh boy. The Ladies from The Sweatshop are getting back together.

wine + gossip + old coworkers= Troubs. capital T.

Things I'm Bad at...

And so begins my weekly column on things I need serious improvement on.... today's topic : Wedding Gifts. I'm pretty sure I owe about 11 wedding gifts starting from 2000. At this point, is it rude to send one, or sort of strangely sweet and thoughtful? And what does one send if they've missed the one year mark by like 5 years?! Any posted comments or advice greatly appreciated.


New Video Project for Sweet P!

I'm attempting to make a follow up to this youtube video tomorrow evening. Since my coworkers are coming over for vino and cheese, I might as well put them to use. Stay Tuned for three shades of ridic.


Spring Fever

Today's temps got well into the 60's..... a real teaser considering we're probably due for a big snowstorm soon. I can't wait for the weather to turn... when the Geoffroys bring Making Waves to the city. There truly is nothing better than a post-work, night time ride down the Hudson. *Sigh*