She's Finally Here!

Would love to send out baby announcements for my new computer--
That is just how excited I am.... having had my same 'pooter for
the last FIVE years, this upgrade could not come at a better time.
I want to cuddle and swaddle my new mac. Sick, I know.
This Friday, I'm set to pick my new bundle of joy up. Can not wait
to bond with the little lady.


nothing quite like a nice, deep impression


This week's wish list

Funky Ipad case by Kenzo



My favorite, custom zebra print wallpaper designed for Gino Circiello
by Flora Scalamandre in 1945

Sweet Toof

Fun idea for a summer party-- Cotton candy displayed on an acrylic tray

Preppy Interiors

My new interior designer crush is on Anna Cordeiro.
It's like a prepster's version of heaven.