Lunchbox Treat

Sweetheart Dad illustrates his kid's sandwich bag every morning for 
school since 2008. Click here to see all of his graphic designs.


Tutu Birthday Invite for Little Sophia

Ballerina themed birthday invitation for one of NYC's cutest little pickles.

Wedding Monogram Exploration

For my client, and beautiful bride-to-be, Kristen, and her groom, Kevin. 
So excited to not only have a double K monogram to play with—but luckily 
for me, the groom has one of the best last name initials to work with- W.
Above is our first round of monogram treatments without color, ranging
from traditional to modern.

TCO Lunar Gifiting Envelopes

Printed pieces I created for this past year's Lunar New Year. Gold Foil on a 
speciality red paper with hints of gold flecks. 


Invasion of the Blue Box

Happening at Rockefeller Center. Tiffany's biggest yearly event is here: 
the opening gala for the debut of the 2013 Blue Book Collection


Coachella Rave Dad

Just when I feel like I'm too old for certain things (like outdoor, all-day concerts 
or flip cup competitions)... I stumble upon Rave Dad, and think to myself, 
I'm just fineeeee 

Because aren't we all just a little Rave Dad deep down inside?

Party on Garth.

Women Are Truly Their Own Worst Critics

Truly fascinating study involving a sketch artist and peoples' perceptions
of their own physical selves. 

I would be all, "you're going to need to back up if you intend to fit all this
hair on one page." I'm fairly certain my stranger friend would agree.

Now the hilarious male rebuttal to this video

Me, Last Night

 Upon finding out Grace's performance was cut to a quick montage 
on The Voice Battlerounds

Passed Hors D'oeuvres and Washboard Abs

With the lovely Darcy at yet another fun magazine party... stocked with shirtless 
male models with painted tees. We clearly hated it.