A shout out to my ladies

I can't believe...

I actually contemplated going to Macy's at Herald Square after work. I just found this photo of what is going on there right now. No discount is worth this germ circus.

Thanksgiving Glow

Me and the lovely Katie J post-turkey dinner. Many thanks to the Geoffroy and Wagner families for making T-day so lovely. And filling.

I have to go into work today

and I'm not happy about that one bit.


The Chicken Dance!!!

Holy Chicken Nuggets! Thank you God for making Jim Howard... Who just forwarded me the link to my favorite bit on A.D.--- Gob's quack-a-doodle chicken dance. I always feel like doing this when Evan refuses to clean Sweetpea's litter box.

Good Kind of Exhaustion

Me, taken last night by Ev, after cooking our enormous lobster dinner for Geoffroy fam and friends. I fell asleep watching Arrested Development dvds... I'm wild and crazy like that.


Sweet God NO

my father sent me this clip and said he's been inspired for this year. UMMMMMMMM...
it's scary because he may not be kidding. Our family house literally turns into a landing strip come december 1st.

fyi: high volume needed on this.

Yay for Dinner tonight

We are all meeting up at the Red Cat.... an amazing restaurant on the west side, where I plan to dine on delicious food and drink my weight in wine. TGIF!

Save the Date for Ren and Jim

After many rounds, I finally feel that I've stumbled upon something fun, modern, and unique for Ren's save the dates. Since photos are always risky (depending on how they are printed, and on what type of paper they are printed on, they can potentially look dull and pixelated)- i decided to vectorize a great shot of the two lovebirds. I'm hoping we can letterpress this puppy front and back--- it would truly look sensational. Since the wedding will be beachside, I thought incorporating a seashell graphic would be a nice little detail to it all.


Shots from the Shoot

We are getting everything back from the photographer as we speak-- but this was one of my favorite images. Poor Marissa was the best sport in the world-- she sat in a cold bathtub with bubbles and water on her feet for about an hour. Bless. Her. Heart.

Sometimes I Forget...

That this crazyville is just blocks up from me on 7th ave.

Generic Music

I've been given the tough task of making invitations for every imaginable event for Tiffany next year... and there are a gazillion categories that need to be filled. Here are some out-takes for the "generic music" group. Really loving overlays right now... they almost have a watercolor appearance. Speaking of, I need to add that to my "to-do list" for '09-- watercolor lessons! and pilates. and registering for my official cougar card (i'm getting dangerously close to mid-30's territory).

My Peppermints, Repackaged

Rebecca's sister, Catherine, was in the market for a fun, yet personalized, holiday card to send to friends and family. And voila! We took my illustration and had some fun with it. This will be double sided letterpressed, using hot pink and red as the color combo. Can not wait to see the finished product-- Definite portfolio piece.

A few more Pics

From the big event.

Rennie's Baby Shower

On a rainy fall day, a crew of girls arrived at the Geoffroy abode on the upper west to fete Ren. Delicious food, catered by Sage, was nibbled on, while all gathered around to watch the unwrapping of adorable gifts for a certain baby boy, who is due to arrive in the near future.(sidenote: evan was desperate to get a super noisy truck-like gift for the tot, but I vetoed, immediately. you're welcome Ren and Jim)
The real show stopper of the day--- Amy and Marissa's AMAZING cookies. honestly-- I've never seen such gorgeous creations... and they tasted just as good as they looked (no small feat). I helped in setting up the candy bar and adorning the event with little fussy signage. and of course, no baby shower is complete without paper balloons, courtesy of Martha Stew.


Man Baby's Bday on the Horizon

Scottie and I (and now many others) lovingly refer to Evan as "manbaby"-- a term that I, in a fit of rage while playing doubles tennis with Ev, yelled at him for being a court hog. It stuck. Sorry, fat-boy man-baby...sometimes nicknames can not be helped. Or eradicated.

This is how I feel today.

Plastic Surgery is wickedy wickedy...wack

This was taken while we were rapping about Jocelyn Wildenstein. It was part rap, part cautionary tale. For those who don't know JC, let's just say she makes Joan Rivers look like a natural beauty.

Pics from the Table

Scottie and I found ourselves in what seemed like a never-ending photo session. Since we didn't want to use the flash, our shots had to be taken by someone with a steady hand; and those posing had to freeze frame. Unfortunately, Scottie was unable to do so in one photo, and produced one of the more interesting shots of the night, titled, Scottie: the cheerful apparition.

J'adore Adour.

From the Veranda Party, we boot-scooted over to Adour, Alain Ducasse's new restaurant at the St. Regis. Talk about incredible interior design-- it was plush and opulent, yet sprinkled with modern touches. The bar area was quite unique. The gorgeous glass blown bubble-like sculpture, hung delicately from the ceiling, provided an interesting separation between the hostess stand and bar. Once inside, we gravitated towards the bar table itself, from which one could order drinks by simply pressing the order on the touch screen. We then were seated and enjoyed a plethora of rich food, bold wines and decadent desserts. oh, and there may have been belly-aching laughter that caused me to feel this morning as if I had spent hours doing crunches yesterday.

Veranda Magazine Event

Last night, Scottie, Jason, Ev and I attended a private viewing party on the upper east side of Breguet watches at Veranda's apartment, designed by Charlotte Moss. It was great to be able to tour the apartment, and surrounding model apartments, with up-and-coming interior designer, Scottie. She is going to be a B.F.D. one day soon.


oh. my. god.

I honestly don't even know where to begin with this. It reads:

Never curl up on the couch alone again, with this comforting arm that wraps around you as if to say, "I'm sorry work was rotten today," or "No, you pick what we watch tonight," all the stuff you'd never hear from a real boyfriend. Polyester filled with comfortable, snuggly foam. Imported. 26" x 27" Sorry, no rush delivery or giftbag available.

Um. WOW.
I think the comforting arm also says "go on and buy some more cats" and "you look so beautiful binge eating ice cream"


Off to Providence

Headed back to Providence for my second weekend in row-- this time to actually complete the Sherle Wagner photoshoot. Last weekend, Ev and I boot scooted around the city getting props and surveying pieces for the shot list. Now it's time to get down to business. Tomorrow will be a very, very long day. But hopefully all will go well.


Peppermints and Foil

A design I'm working on for next year's holiday invites-- oh yes, Tiffanys is getting uber organized. Hoping to engrave our blue, but then foil the red, for a little pizazz. It's interesting how the peppermints practically have dimension-- all thanks to working with negative space.



Hooray! from Nugget Cantina on Vimeo.
Is seeing your train shooting through the tunnel to come take you home after a long day at work.

Working away on my Xmas Card

Yes, Lucky Magazine Ladies, I saw that fab holiday card you did and wanted to do a sophie-version. The use of a retro-fun tree was genius. Anyway, more to come.

Stamps for RB

Possible contenders to use as zazzle postage on the fun and adorably chic save-the-dates that Rebecca B helped dream up. That lady has a great nose for design.

Baby Announcement Options for Virg

So Virginia's precious little chicken nugget needs a proper introduction to the world-- I've been working on make a fun announcement for her. Here are some preliminary options.