Here we go again. Bloomberg just ordered a mandatory evacuation of Zone A in manhattan. Since my building straddles zone A and B, I'm sticking here and weathering this behemoth storm. Beef Jerky? Check. Vodka? Check. Pirate's Booty? Check. Bad 80's movies? Double check.

Let the stress eating and binge drinking begin. 


Gone Fishin'! (Or rather, Skeet Shootin')

Headed into Connecticut this weekend for a gentleman's weekend of skeet shooting, scotch drinking and leaf peeping. Can not wait to get a taste of the fall season and to get the heck out of this concrete jungle for the next three days. A little R&R with my two favorite people, J and R.


Nacho, Nacho Man

Another fun event for this Thursday- A GQ party honoring the one and only Nacho Figueras. Cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and eyecandy. What more could a lady ask for.


So this happened. I had a chance to meet him and he signed my Polo Ball. 
Boyfriend knows how to rock a suit and a grown-out haircut.