What the French, Toast

My dear friend Kimmies just reminded me of how much I love this commercial in which a Cootie Queen and Lint Licker square off.


A Musicial Benefit

Currently working on concepts for the Perlman Music Program and their annual summer benefit. They are a wonderful organization aimed at helping aspiring, gifted young musicians achieve their full potential through educational programs and year-round mentoring. Click here to learn more.

Also, let it be known that I have a plethora of cousins who are singers/musicians and I am very, very disappointed in the lack of any such talent on my immediate side of the family. As in, dogs start to howl if I attempt to sing or play a musical instrument. How dreadful.



Click here for the article. RIP Takashimaya. You were one fab store.

TGIF nuggets

Blu Dot Real Good Experiment from Real Good Chair on Vimeo.

cute little short story/documentary with a fascinating look at NYC behavior.

I would totally get my inco on for that chair. also- so adorable that the bf made that precious miniature stool for his gf.


Rainy Day Tunes

Steely Dan - Dirty Work .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

On my imix-- I have a soft spot for really cheesy light 70's music . Wait, would that mean that I like.... MUZAK? Kill me now. But put some more Steely Dan in first, thanks.

Me and Wall Street

Taken right before I tripped on the cobblestones. I was attempting to do some sort of twirl/skipping thing. Massive Fail.

Most hilarious part of photo shoot? Having foreign tourists take pictures of you (and with you) thinking that you are famous. Behold, me and my German fan club of two. I'm HUGGEEE in Munich, y'all


Press Photo!

Thanks to my AMAZING photographer ;)
also, many thanks to pinot grigo-- being photographed is seriously hard work, and made me realize that I am, in fact, the female version of Chandeler Bing.


The last thing I remember from last night....

Was this picture being taken. Happy St. Patty's day indeed.


Save the Dates

Due to the high number of recent engagements, I've decided to beef up my wedding collection. With this design, card stores will be able to load the couple's monogram on top of the cake with their own typeface... or they can download the free monogram I used at this site.


Updated cameo design

Finally happy with this design after much noodling


Collateral pieces for Mary and Duncan's Wedding

I just LOVE the table names that Mary has chosen- They are all titles of books and names of estates in Jane Austen’s oeuvre. Such a wonderfully clever way to add a memorable, unique touch to the wedding. Can't wait for her to fully launch her event planning company!



Next stop, Top Chef

Sweet Ren gave me one of the best birthday presents ever-- a full day of cooking lessons! The two of us arrived early on Sunday morning, prepared to get our bake on. After a few thousand cups of coffee, and a few rookie mistakes, we got into our cooking groove and really busted out some great treats-- double chocolate scones and sticky cinnamon buns... all made from scratch... BOOYA


More Designs

Feeling very bleary eyed right about now....



Click here to see our first card release this year... and to buy cards online, so that I may continue to feed sweetpea her high-cost diet of fancy feast and sharp cheddar cheese.

Please. She's begging you.