I Don't Ask for Much...

but if someone could leave this frenchie for me in a box outside my apartment door, that would be spiffy.

Brushed By Bil

So excited for an appointment to have my portrait painted by Bil Donovan tomorrow evening. An amazing deal with Dior and Saks. He is an incredible artist...your custom portrait will be a piece to truly cherish. Plus they'll be passing around the bubbly, so you know, there's always that.


Don't Drink and Get Inked

Why didn't someone throw this woman in a snuggie, give her a strawberry bartles and james wine cooler and let her enjoy some Lifetime movies from the comfort of her waterbed? Instead, some genius drove her to a TATTOO PARLOR. My favorite line though? "Don't get all persnippety on me". Ah yes, the english language at its finest. I don't know about you, but after watching this I'm positively itching to get one myself... you know, a little at a time.


Phoenix in October at MSG

Can not wait to hear them-- just purchased tickets, and am feeling pumped about finally seeing my favorite little frenchie alternative group live. Below, a wee sample of their awesomeness.

Phoenix - Everything Is Everything .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Gordon Gekko as a Baby

" Hey, buy a decent suit. You can't come in here looking like this "

Thanks to Crums for the photo pick-me-ups she sends daily. Love this little nugget. (Although a fake baby cigar would really have helped elevate the level of preposterousness)


Logo Designs

For a cooking class course in Vail for children. With my cooking skills, I should probably look into signing up for it as well. Apparently microwaving a hotdog is not considered fine dining.


I hang glide on a dorito

First off, Milk Toof is one of my favorite blogs. It's so ridiculously insane slash hilarious. But then a friend forwarded this to me today... GENIUS. The voice over is actually of the SNL cast member that was just let go, Jenny Slate (who brought the house down with ding dong wine and cheese).

Exciting New Custom Projects in the Works

Details to come soon....

Why Women, Wine and Spray Paint don't mix

Bad idea, jeans

which btw, I had to include the clip of below.

Dinner at Convivio Last Night

If you have not been please PLEASE, for the love of god, GO. The food is heavenly. Must order: the chicken liver crostini with marsala onions,the house-made pork terrine with fried egg and parmigiano and the parmigiano crusted veal chop. I will need to significantly up my speed on the treadmill this week. Ai caramba.


Labor Day Weekend Full of Labor

Had to miss out on a fun weekend at the beach to put finishing touches on my new card line, due monday. Thirty new designs.... look out for all the new exciting invitations in stores soon.


Designs for our UK store

The London market wanted their different invitations (for cocktails, dinner and brunch) to feel like a cohesive group while having each reflect the beauty of the city's landmarks and architecture. These were my favorite designs. I love Tiffany Blue with white, navy and gold. All of these would be two color engraving. Fingers crossed the store picks them... I fancy them tremendously and would love to see the end product. Also: they make me sort of crave a big dose of fish and chips, wrapped up in newspaper, old-school style.


Late Posting: Pics from the Cape

A hilarious picture book of my adventures in Cape Cod over the 4th. So much fun... so many lobster rolls. I had to go to the clinic for my addiction to them upon returning to NYC. I seriously O.D. y'all.

kid sister and I got a lit-tle too excited for our 4th plans and hit the bar car... HARD. Thank you Amtrax for enabling us!

The next morning, we awoke to the most amazing view with perfect weather.

The lady crew at Raw Bar... our home away from home. I kid you not when I tell you we had lobster rolls THREE times one day. At the same establishment. And we lived to tell it.

Below are my attempts at creating a very American themed photo shoot... think old school Tommy Hilfger/Ralph Lauren. Then add vodka sodas and watch said photo shoot unravel before your very eyes.

Jack and Carl. Carl's lobster pants made my year... They also reminded me that I had not had a bite of that sweet, sweet crustacean (within the last hour) and that I needed another lobster roll, stat.

The Rib Master

Let it be said that I too dance when I have a delicious homemade cookie in my hand.

Me on what was quite possibly the coldest car in the history of trains. Hyperthermia dotcom.

Wedding Designs

My godfather is getting married in the very near future, and I designed a few options for his upcoming nuptials. I love the pattern I created with their first initials (in option 2)... feels almost like a modern gucci print.