That Ain't Right

Cat and parrot

Aren't birds and cats suppose to HATE each other? This really shows the desperation of cats for cheek scratches. They'll do ANYTHING for it. They don't care where it comes from-Just give it to them, for the love of god! Sweetpea shows her own inner slootiness by trying to elicit a scratch from a wine glass.

Sweet P finds love in a wine glass from Nugget Cantina on Vimeo.



This BMW commercial perfectly captures my reaction Christmas morning upon opening my wonderful little mobile nugget of awesomeness. THE IPHONE IS FINALLY MINE!!! thank you ev... so so SO much! (triple air punch) YES...YES.....YES!!!!!


Recently I have found myself addicted to Jon and Kate plus 8. Like REALLY addicted (paging Intervention!). I am amazed at how parents out there cope with raising big families. I can BARELY take care of myself (have you SEEN my fridge? not good)... let alone another human bean.

And then I realized, my cousin, Liberty, and her friend, Emily, are doing exactly that. Daily, they take care of 8 children each. To learn more about their trials and tribulations as mothers, and in my opinion, heroes, please visit 16ballsintheair.blogspot.com. These ladies are my IDOLS. And the hilarious one-liners their children spit out, and that they dutifully post, will be the perfect pick-me-up for any rough day.
(Above is the logo work I recently did for them, featured on their blog)

A Baby Celebration in 2009

Working with R Babcock on her sister's baby shower invites. First round-- with many changes and tweaks to come. Can't wait to help her with designing the whole event... the Babcock sisters are some of my favorite people... and catherine deserves a shower that would make ole Martha Stewart salivate.

Working For the Lacy

The talented, wonderful, and amazing S'Lacy has commissioned me for round two of illos. She is going to launch a TV site soon, and I'm pumped to help her with it. By the way, Sarah, if you're reading..... HAPPY BDAY! sorry to have missed it yesterday-- Ev and I have been in co-op board hell these past few days. Here are a few quick starts on her big project.

TShirt Design for Lizzie

Lizzie gave her family members a great gift this Christmas.... a cute long sleeved tee with a hilarious slogan she penned (I designed the type lock-up, above). Seriously though, let's end this economic crisis... I can't do it all by myself in the Tiffany Employee Store. Well, maybe I can. But please, DON'T MAKE ME. Start buying unnecessary stuff again, people!

Lady Bird Askew is Back

Finally, things are starting to simmer down a bit. Ev and I just returned from a glorious trip down south.... full of ribs, basketball and warm temps. Will post all the pics soon of our fun times in Memphis. Can't wait for 2008 to end... and for a happier, better year to begin.


MIA brought to you by

a serious head cold. Starting to finally feel human again-- and my voice doesn't resemble that of a 50-year-old-chain-smoking-Colorado College-switchboard operator...hooray!


You Can Sit, and Get Fit

Behold! An invention created by a complete and total perv.

Love this Set up

A pulled image for my constant researching of apt decor and design. We STILL haven't gotten all permits for construction approved-- and it's making me very, very nervous. Might have to be on the home improvement show "pimp my cardboard box" if renovating doesn't get underway soon.


Daily Dose of Preciousness

Oh My gawddddd....it's a kitty cat, with the pinkest little paws this side of the Mississippi.


Dinner with our fave couple

Saturday night, Scottie and I took our boys out for a birthday celebration at Blue Ribbon Brasserie. We were THRILLED to learn that Scottie and J had moved their Aspen wedding date from August 15th to July 15th... and that we will now be able to attend! To top it all off, I gave fatboy his bday gift--- a 2 hour flying lesson in Long Island, in which, over an hour of it is actually in the air with the instructor.

Tiffany Xmas Party: Part one

Last week we had a delicious dinner out on the town at Sala-- one of my favorite little tapas places in manhattan. We had unlimited sangria-- and paella-- and honestly, we all felt rough as hell the next day at work. But it was worth it. Even if I wanted to take a catnap on my keyboard after all the last night carousing with coworkers.


Askews 2008

FINALLY finished the family holiday card-- and am sticking it in the mail for my 'rents to send out this year. Yes, Pops, you'll still have plenty of time to get them out to friends. Also, Big Dog makes his grand debut this year in the interior part of the card.


The SW holiday card

Arrived--- and looks great! We wanted to go for a clean, sophisticated look this year-- so I decided that using all type, heavily debossed, on a thick paper stock would do the trick. And in order to pop the type more (I felt that the impression on the paper wasn't enough since the typeface was so delicate and thin stroked)--- I used a pearl foil.

More Pics

The snow outside that night---- and our after party at Brass Monkey.

The Details

In true designer dork form, I created menus, place cards, and table cards.

Fat Boy's Surprise Bday Party

A big group of us organized a surprise birthday dinner for Evan at Los Dados this past Saturday night. It was a great night filled with many margaritas and sangrias... and a little dancing in the snow.


The Home Stretch

After months of creating a gazillion invites-- we are beginning to narrow down our options for all retail stores for 2009. They will have about 60 invites to choose from-- with about 25 different themes. Here is just one wall, at work, with my designs up. Next week the VP of the company will come to look and review.

My favorite shot

The full scale version. I love the motion of Marissa wrapping the towel around herself. If only nyc bathrooms were that big!

The New Sherle Wagner Ad!

The fruits of our labor-- spending back to back weekends in providence to prep for the big photo shoot paid off. I'm really thrilled with the photography, and with the final layout. Look for it in full size in Feb's Architectural Digest.

And yes, the hot model in the shots is none other than Ev's younger sister, Marissa.

1970's chic

A pic of me taken by ev-- I love the old school feel it has to it. What I don't love: wrinkles.


Mistletoe On Main

The invite I designed for our big annual Holiday Blow-out party in Memphis. This year we are having it back downtown...it promises to be a VERY good time. And our good friend, Al Key Hall will be there too. In full force.


Watercolor and ink

My new favorite crush, kareem iliya. unbelievable work. it's so inspiring, that i plan to go home tonight, and attempt to dabble with a little watercolor. Wine will most likely be involved-- for consumption, not for medium.


A shout out to my ladies

I can't believe...

I actually contemplated going to Macy's at Herald Square after work. I just found this photo of what is going on there right now. No discount is worth this germ circus.