Mary and Duncan's Save the Date

A new save-the-date that I've been working on for a fantastic wedding in Bath, England. Mary (the bride-to-be) had pulled several favorite looks (one from Martha Stewart's new collection)-- and we managed to use some of the same design basics, while making it much more customized and special. This piece is a trifold-- the interior has an illustration I created of the Royal Crescent, their wedding venue. The exterior features their cameos-- again, illustrated by me, from their actual silhouettes. Favorite part? The little additional envelope with travel information tucked within. We are using a beautiful vellum paper that will be scored to fold neatly inside. (The top image is for their wedding website)

Just another quiet night on the town

The whole "let's meet for just one drink" plan went down the tubes, unfortunately.


Dear World of Weddings

You'll be seeing a lot more of us....

sidenote: Katie is a fox. End of story.


NYT Weddings feature Jimmy and Rebecca's Stowe Wedding!

What a great love story-- truly. If you don't know the song "Right Down the Line"... download it immediately. It's a classic. Gets me every time. As I watched them dance to it as their first song together as husband and wife, I noticed that there was not a dry eye in the joint. Including mine. Much love and happiness to you both!

Right Down The Line - Gerry Rafferty


Most Amazing Quote

Upon hearing of her behavior from the night before

The Big Day: Oxygen Bars, Champagne and views, oh my!

Seriously, what a beautiful Aspen wedding... both ceremony and reception were atop Aspen Mountain... and the weather (which can sometimes be finicky in Colorado) was perfect. The highlights of the evening? Watching Matt Lauer's brother work a crowd, helping up an elderly guest who accidentally fell on the dancefloor (and then helping her sit.... right on a deserted plate of food), huffing chocolate infused oxygen through a head device, antagonizing the key boardist for not playing Baby Got Back, and lastly, riding the gondola down with freshly cooked cheeseburgers- which I attacked like something out of Jaws. What more could a girl ask for?
Well, maybe one more bite of cake...


Tiffany Store Holiday Invite

Hoping this one makes the cut and is used for retail stores this holiday season.

Are you there God? It's me, Job.

Having read the "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" books (and yes, having attempted the exercises too, to no avail), I could not stop laughing at Will Arnett's ridic reading of this teenage cult classic. Too bad he skipped the "I must, I must, I must increase my bust" chapter.

Aspen Rehearsal Dinner invite

For our first night in Aspen, we had drinks and eats at the Little Nell. I decided to illustrate the venue for this piece, since the scenery is so frickin' beautiful there.


Peeps in Vermont

The happy couple; Mr. Babcock and I talking shop.

ps, That's a fascinator, not a tarantula, in my hair.

Vermont Wedding

More to come... here are a few teaser shots. Will be posting all in the upcoming days. But can we talk real quick? Who gets a double rainbow on their wedding? You just can't top that. The gauntlet for Most-Amazing-Wedding-Backdrop has been thrown.


Headed to Stowe!

Getting picked up by the lovely and talented, Katie "Cuddles" Johnson and her bf, Lee... and heading up to Vermont for a major weekend adventure. Tonight, wine on Lake Champlain at sunset. Tomorrow night, Rebecca and Jimmy's wedding-- an event that is near and dear to both Katie and me. Will post pictures of the epic night, and of all of our design details. It's going to be incredible. Above, our hand-drawn map of Stowe for Rebecca's wedding guests.


My New Favorite Website

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