Jen is in the NYC!

And I can't wait to celebrate her presence tonight with all the Wakeforest girls... margaritas, chips and skanks*. A perfect end to a long week.

* skank is one of my favorite words. I know it's rude and I unapologetically love it. It can be a noun, adjective, adverb or verb. I.E. "She skankily skanked her way past a line of super skanky skanks". Or, if a girl is dressed like a sloot, you could even say "She is throwing down a skank bomb". Or if you plan to go to any bar on 2nd avenue in midtown, then you are officially heading to "Skanky Town". There really is no limit to the amount of fun you can have with it.



Logo options for Lizzie's new business venture.

Baby Girl Askew

Got her hair-do yesterday, and is ready to receive guests for tonight's party.

She is also quietly judging you.


Krystals, post-Zinnies, pre-hangover

Thaler and Will/Sasha Fierce


Watch out city

A large crew of girlfriends are on there way over to my apt for a few nibbles and wine before heading out to terrorize the town... and this sums up my current mood.


Little E is almost here!

Can not wait to have my fab seattle friend out and about tonight in the city... she's due to land in about 30 mins into Newark... and after a quick drop off of her belongings, it's time for a vino filled evening of catch-up and unlady-like behavior.

Good Times

in store for next Wednesday night.


Oscar Goodie Bag Goodie

I met up earlier this week with Kate and David. Over drinks at the Ritz, we came up with designs for a VIP gift certificate to be included in a few select celebrity Oscar goodie bags for David's company. For those unfamiliar with Leather Spa, it is the ultimate in shoe repair-- they handle and restore the finest footwear. And for us ladies of NYC, it's necessary to have constant re-hoofing on our overly worn heels. Here's hoping for a siting of Angelina or Nicole in their Plaza store soon!