Cool Peeps Kickin It

James Dean and Liz Taylor

Salvador Dali and Coco Chanel

Love this blog dedicated to snapshots of famous people hanging out with one another.


Hey Girlllll

Gosling? You. Complete. Me.

Speaking of Hollywood Glamour...

I absolutely love this candid shot of Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe at their wedding in 1956.

Sister Twister Getting Hitched

Congrats to my baby sis, who just recently got engaged. I will always think of her as a tiny peanut under the age of 12. (Old lady moment: I can't believe how quickly my sibs have grown up) We hope to make her wedding one of the most special days, and after having determined her theme to be "vintage hollywood glamour", I started pulling inspiration and creating mood boards and color palettes. And so it all starts-- the countdown has officially begun!


A Great Shout-out

From the wonderfully talented Christina Johns of StylePhile!



This clip just never gets old. "(disgusted look) what happened? (fallon) You just got... busy"
I officially can not say someday now without muttering it in an exaggerated whisper. For instance, today during a status meeting, when asked when a project was scheduled to be completed, I had to white knuckle my way through it so as not to give a somedayyyyy response.


So long, Farwell, Auf Weidersehen goodbye...

Helping prep a farwell party for one of our own at the Tiffany office. Sad to see him go, but excited for his big move to one of my old cities, Seattle. Trust, I have already told him to immediately grab a burger at Dick's, and to stay far away from the Red Door, where late-night drunken desperation creepily lurks behind every corner.


It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Today is national french fry day, otherwise known as "Sophie's Day".... so celebrate by getting your pommes-frites-on peeps


Storm King, Warhorse and Pops

First off, Storm King is amazing, and if you haven't been, you really should make a point to go. It is the best kept secret in the hudson valley-- a huge sculptural park on 500 acres located only an hour away from manhattan... makes for a great day trip and a refreshing break from the chaos of the city. One of my favorite sculptures was titled "wave field" by Maya Lin. This New York Times short video featured the artist when she unveiled her project back in 2008. It really was breathtaking in person.

We also had a chance to take in Warhorse... A play that has recently won countless tonys. Personally, I wasn't blown away by the storyline, but the life-size puppets were incredible. It was tremendous to watch Joey (the main character, a thoroughbred puppet) take on life like form and personality out of disparate artificial parts. And ok, fine, I cried at the end. But to be fair, I cry at anything that involves sadness and animals. Don't even get me started on ASPCA commericals. sarah mclachlan songs + pitiful puppy eyes looking through a cage= cry face. Every. effin. time.

So bizarre

To already have to start designing for holiday when it is litch-er-lee 100 degrees outside. Ba humbug.

Touching Royalty

Not for nothing, but Prince William and I have now officially touched... nevermind that it was through a Tiffany polo trophy. Last week I was given the task of shooting said trophy for all collateral PR projects, and in the process, handled the huge silver beast. And then this past weekend the future king of England put his mitts right where mine have been. So you know, that basically means we are bff now, right ole chap?


Breakfast at Tiffany's...Suite

The St. Regis Hotel recently opened a redesigned Tiffany’s suite in Manhattan that costs $8,500 a night (chump change, right?). The 1700 sq foot suite is mostly white, with hits of our Tiffany blue and garnished with Tiffany's accessories. Additionally the walls are adorned with archival Tiffany photos. I think the real pièce de résistance of the suite though is the blue dining room. Makes me want to wear a fascinator and drink tea all fancy-like.


Busted, Green-Handed

with my favorite summer time treat: Pistachio Gelatio. Could go swimming in a vat of it if it were permissible.

Picture taken by pops at the limelight marketplace in nyc.

Upcoming Ad

for the askew couture line in this year's hampton gala program, which I will be attending in a mere two weeks!


Funny little card spotted in Savannah