Shout out in Style Me Pretty

Shani's gorgeous wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty (an AMAZING wedding website) , and since I designed all paper goods, Askew Couture got a little online love. Now I just need to finish up the revamp of the website, which will require getting into full-on hermit mode.


Vogue Covers

Nothing is more inspiring than the beauty of vintage vogue covers... So chic and feminine.


Get Your Book On

A few new Askew creations for those bookworms out there. I can only imagine that Snook's newest release "Confessions of a Guidette" will be the next big book du jour. A real literary classic filled with spray tanned prose.

Italy, how I miss Thee

I could have stayed forever. Coming back to the states has been a bit of a culture shock-- mainly because it is unacceptable here to drink a glass of wine every hour on the hour. Will upload fun photos from my Roman Holiday in just a few... above, me doing what i do best, drinking and eating. And the area of Italy that stole my heart-- cinque terre. Mi dispiace Vernazza for leaving you so soon!


Ciao y'all!

Headed out tonight to Rome and Tuscany-- Wish me luck in outdoing the likes of Jersey Shore in terrorizing italy!


9/11 Memorial

Untitled from rebecca kimmons on Vimeo.

Kimmies and I received two tickets for the memorial site last weekend. The fountains were both eerily peaceful and hauntingly impactful. Each occupies the exact footprint of one of the Twin Towers destroyed in the attacks and, as each tower was big, each cascade is like a cuboid Niagara.... an inverted eruption.....falling 30 feet to a flat basin, and then another 30 feet through a smaller square hole in the centre. For those who have not been, do so. It really is an amazing thing to experience first hand. Above are a few of kimmies' pics and a video from our tour. It is so strange that I can not only see these fountains from my apt, but can actually hear the force of the water too.

Sprucing Up Organized Fun

Working on some fun corporate invitations to add to the Askew collection-- because company events need design love too!


Need A Serious Cup of Joe, Stat

Have been up late working these past few days on finalizing a slew of projects before flying out this friday to .... ITALY!!!!! Just 5 more days until I'm donning eating pants for a week.


Bright and Bold

Made a quick board of some of my favorite color drenched swipe.

Next Up, Honey Badger gets a Hollywood Star

I mean, this dude is blowin' up! He's like the paris hilton of the animal kingdom. Go on with your bad self, honey badger.


Busted Hand

Turns out falling down subway stairs is not as glamorous as one might think. Especially when you're in a mini and heels. And face plant in a puddle of nasty water. Behold, a little preview of what my inflated, mickey mouse gloved hand looks like. I've cropped out the disgusting bruising and sausage finger swelling. But peeps be warned: subway stairs mean bid-ness. Take your time and mind the gap... between each step.

This PSA brought to you by a chick with a hamburger helper hand.

Pleats please

Love this flowy number

A Hug And A Strangle All In One

Me and my little brother, Nickster, at Sis's engagement dinner.


Wedding Design

For the one and only Darcy! We are both getting so excited to get this puppy on press and to see the final letterpressed product. Here is a sneak peek of some of the details of the invitation set.


This is how we roll

Our current taxi-wrap in London. Hopefully my mum gets to ride in one before her return to the states in a few short days...

Missing My Lakes

The Lake sisters came to stay with me for a long weekend of museum tours, shopping and of course, eating and boozin'.... and I can't believe how quickly the time flew. So very very sad to see them leave. I need to get to planning my next trip to the ATL! Thanks for all the great times and laughs... and of course, enabling my late night pizza ordering.

* a card for lizzie I made for her 6 years ago, and that she currently uses as her FB profile pic.

Bad Music Mondays

OH YES, It's a country song y'all. And totally sappy... Be still my redneck heart, for I have secretly loved this tune for quite some time.

I wish I could quit you blake shelton!

 Blake Shelton - Home .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine