OH my gravyyyyyyyy!!!!!

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Yours truly is headed to BUENOS AIRES for an eight day trip in january!!!! Between that and my trip to Italy in 2 weeks, I feel as if my passport is finally getting that much needed workout I've continually promised it.



Bad Idea Jeans, You've Met Your Match

My lady crush on Kristen Wig just got worse. Work that pinkie nail girl!

Holiday Cheer

A few designs for this year's holiday cards... can't believe October is almost here... It will be Christmas in no time.


You're my (drumbeat) Ladyyyy

A cute tumblr with daily insightful quotes for us ladybirds. A great find, courtesy of Kimmies.

Bad Music Mondays

Brought to you on a tuesday. Enjoy!

Captain and Tenille - Love Will Keep Us Together .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Holiday Press Luncheon

One of my designs not chosen this year for our prestigious annual press luncheon. Unfortunately, it was one of my favorites (although my other design that was chosen will be beautiful too when executed)... would have loved to have seen the double sided, duplexed invitation engraved on a beautiful, toothy, aubergine colored paper, in TCO and metallic silver ink. I wanted to use graphics this year that paid homage to our long heritage, and therefore brought in an art nouveau frame I made in illustrator (we have many tulip themed pieces in our archives that I referenced). Additionally, we have a gorgeous logo lock-up that was created many moons ago- with which I built into the border. But alas this option is on the Tiffany cutting room floor... maybe next year!


Love the washed pastel softness of these photographs. So dreamlike and delicate. Found this image of vintage postcards where the palette of the photographs beautifully translates on paper.

Darker Design

I so want to paint my walls black like this... or a darker hue and arrange a myriad of bright white framed pics.

Pics from Sis's Engagement Dinner

Congrats again to my lil sister twister-- was wonderful to go home and see everyone from the big M. With the help of vino, laughs, great food, better company, fog machines and 40's, Stella got her groove back. Nothing quite like finishing out the tour de Memphis with some Raifords action. But of course, no trip is complete without a little late night torturing of midge-the-pidge, in which I hold up any item and say very slowly "midgggeeey did you do thisss"... her tail starts to thump uncontrollably and is followed by a long sideways glance in the opposite direction. Silly lil pup.


Save the Date Options for PMP

It's that time of year again where the designing begins for all of 2012 invitations-- from charity galas to black tie weddings, my designing dance card is filling up fast. First up, Perlman save the dates.

The Perfect End to a Long Week

Dinner tonight with my two favorite NYC sisters at my one favorite restaurant. The sweet promise of fried pickles and stealth margaritas is the only thing keeping me going during this dreary day.


Sarasota save the date

Working with the wonderful Darcy to create a custom vintage postcard for her save the date. She actually found an old photograph of her grandparents, and from there we slightly colorized and gave texture to the image to give it a retro postcard feel. Just loving the final outcome! More fun designed details for her nuptials coming soon....


It’s harder than you’d think to field a zebra polo team this time of year

My new favorite twitter to follow. And I should know... my BC has practically been worn down to the nub.


Memphis Bound

After a crummy day yesterday, I am finally headed home to spend time with my wonderful family and friends. Can not wait to see everyone. Tbone and Willy, get my soul burger ready. mama's comin' home.


Oinksville, population us

Saturday attended the pork festivus with a crew of fellow meat eaters all with an appetite for destruction (ed note: such a great album) over on governor's island. Of course, a pig snout/Miss piggy photo op was needed to document our excursion.


10 years ago

It was surreal watching the 10 year anniversary ceremony from my living room this past sunday. I can still clearly remember when and where I was when the first plane hit- in Memphis with my family, sitting in stunned silence as we watched the story unfold on the Today Show. Each minute bringing a new tragedy too big to comprehend; each second bringing a form of chaos too much to bear. At the time I remember thinking, who will ever live in that area again? How could life ever go back to normal at that same site? Never in a million years would I have thought that ten years later, I would be literally living at ground zero, facing the very site that soul crushingly altered so many lives so many years back.

The majority of the day the streets were restricted to only service men and women, and of course, families of the victims. I watched as people cried and embraced in the streets- strangers bonded in pain and sadness- there was no need for words. Towards the end of the evening, near the firehouse that directly sits across from the site, I watched as a huge crowd gathered to listen to a troop of about 25 bagpipers. The sound of the bagpipes and the energy of the crowd left me with an insurmountable feeling of hope. And peace. I know I may not be a full fledged New Yorker (still three years shy of my official 10 year membership card), but I do know that I went to bed having never felt more connected to New York. Here's to you, NY... and here's to all of us for having made it to the other side of that horrific day.


Fashion Week Find

Inexplicably love this Wes Gordon jumpsuit from fashion week.

More Retro Goodness

My new collection has got a very retro vibe going... so prepare thyself for heaps of polka dots and lashings of funky typography. New cards to be uploaded soon to site. And for those who haven't been to visit lately, definitely check out askewdesign.com. I somehow managed to design and program it, which means hell must be freezing over right about now.

New Tradition: Bad Music Monday

And by bad, I mean amazingly bad... and deliciously awesome. Like you-can't-help-but-secretly-love-it-kind-of bad. Today's tune, True by Spandeau Ballet. So put on your acid washed jeans, crimp your hair and let this john hughes make-out track envelop you like a plush neon leg warmer. This one is dedicated to Jake Ryan- the flannel shirt nugget of all lady dreams.

This much is true. So very true.

Spandau Ballet - True .mp3
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