Type Driven Designs for new collection

Well, I've gone and done it again. I've found myself in a time line pickle designing my next collection (thanks for the unnecessary distraction Irene!), which means I'll have to forgo that trip to Burning Man* I had planned and instead hole up in my apartment with a year's supply of wine and dark chocolate.

* I kid, I'd rather be burned at the stake than attend that hipstery germ festival.

Thanks for the scraps stoopit!

Having barely survived Hurricane Irene (from my own food and alcohol consumption), I thought I would treat myself to a great little nugget. I quote honey badger at least once a day, so naturally I needed the teeshirt to really show my EW! what's that in its mouth! Oh that's just nasty.


Come on Irene

She's one nasty beesch and she's headed this way. A few things that will cheer you up fellow New Yorkers. This article and a little hurricane-themed tunage. And yes, I'm located in the worst possible area of NYC for this storm. Look for me floating down the hudson on live CNN coverage, with a jug of wine as a flotation device.

Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine


Tiki Hut Timeeee

Last night, enjoying a spiced coconut drink out of a, um, coconut. Loved seeing both Will and Cobb for some old school Memphis love.

New Collection in the works

Big deadline to meet -- look for new designs soon!


My Favorite Coverage of Today's Quake

I will say though, even though we received a baby shock, it was still weird to look out the window and see nyc buildings softly swaying. So to keep in tune with today's theme of natural disasters, I'm meeting one of my favorite memphians for some post work toddies at the Hurricane Club. We will Irene the joint like no one's business.


Reason #4235 Why I Love Memphis

Do you want to look fascinating? Do you want to wear a sophisticated dress that makes you look like a third tier Yellow Pages escort who only shops at the one store in the mall that hasn't replenished their inventory since the late 90s? * silencing motion * shhhhhh. Then look no further. DIVINE RAGS.

Mama Mia!

It's official... headed to rome, florence and the tuscan countryside this october to litcherlee eat my way across italy. Yeah, I'm talking to you pasta and pizza. Watch your back.

Also, october is truffle season, so I plan to have truffles shaved on my dishes much like waiters here are forced to endlessly shave parmesan on my pasta plates. At least they'll be able to thank me for the rigorous arm workout.


Tiered Perfection

I know redheads aren't suppose to wear red, but for this Marchesa dress, i would gladly make the exception. * swoon *

This is why I love my kid sister kimmies

Apparently upon leaving my apartment last night after a big night of drinking, she started dancing and singing in the streets on her way to the subway. She sent me the above video and wrote:

"i was like lightly frolicking
like doing jazz dance moves
and belting out songs.
like if the looney van had been driving by
they would have swooped in and picked up the scraps
that are my brains

I know why- it's called the askew special: cheap bootleg pinot grigio that comes in the gallons. side effects include unacceptable behavior. You're welcome little lady!

I better wear my wingies

Our end of summer company party is fast approaching... and this year we are slated to have some bevies out on the Hudson at The Frying Pan-- a barge turned bar. Here's hoping I remain vertical and avoid any calamitous river mishaps.

Fall Leather Collection

I took a few of our new leather handbags from our upcoming fall collection and drew them in outline to help add an extra stylized element to our gifting card... to be sent to magazine editors and socialites.

Rain Rain Go Away

While drinking multiple cups of joe and listening to pandora, I stumbled upon one of my favorite tunes. Mumford and sons make for great music during a drizzly, rainy afternoon. Plus, I love a banjo crescendo... I feel like the end of the song demands foot stomping action.

Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man .mp3
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Breakfast At Tiffany's

Love this piece by Bill Cunningham for NYT style section... and I have noticed the recent trend too!


Hamptons Getaway

Last weekend I headed to East Hampton with Sweet Ren to enjoy a gala held at a private residence for the Perlman Music Program. We were treated to an hour concert followed by a sit down dinner.... a wonderful end to a very HOT few days.

Oh and wouldn't you know, there is a fancy way to pump gas in the hamptons... so fabulous darling!*

* this was at a hampton's gas station where for some unknown reason the fuel would only come out when the nozzle was held upside down... The attendant explained how to do it as if I were a moron for not knowing. to which I say....