Rachel Zoe in our building. She is one little nugget. 'Nanners.


Mi Manchi, Italy

Let it be known: Kimmies is one heck of a photog. Here are some of her snaps of our trip.


Emerald green, black, gold... great holiday color combo.


Fall has come and gone

Time for bloody marys, wooly sweaters, football games and buffalo wings.

MM Moment

Dangit, she even had a decent passport picture! Mine (which I renewed 2 years ago) was for the longest time the single most embarrassing photo of me in circulation (and i'm even including my lame freshman year CC ID in which I was rocking a "hippie-goth" look). The passport shot was literally "Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF" bad.

How pinteresting

Big fan of mustard yellow, especially in the fall time. Above, some of my finds on pinterest this week in pursuit of big bird yellow

It's Gorgeous and 70 degrees today

funny gifs
Makes me wanna do The Dude dance

Warning: this will start to make your head hurt if you watch it for too long. Like wildly downing an Icee. Or doing math.


Giving Thanks And Sugar

Snapshot of a couple in the middle of prepping thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately cooking makes me feel the opposite-- I'm usually standing around looking confused with batter on my face and craziness in my eyes. Oh, and something is most likely burning somewhere nearby.


Detailed Deliciousness

One of the most beautifully embellished backs of all time.

National Elastic Waistband Day

Hope you celebrate it to the fullest.


So Long Sweet Corrie

Last thursday we toasted our longtime coworker and good friend, Corrie, on her big move to another fun and exciting job. It's sad to say goodbye to someone so lovely and talented-- she will be seriously missed by the TCO crew and our little tight knit group of creatives.

Times Square

Illustration by Bil Donovan

Anthropologie Ecards

Go check out Anthropologie's Branch Bunch page on their website. Each ornament is cleverly animated and can be sent out as an ecard to friends and family. Really cute branding idea.


Christmas Is Around The Corner

Nyc is so splendid in December. Can't wait to share a weekend with my parents here in just two short weeks.

Little Chicken

All I can say is that I want to pet the eff out of that owl. And jealous owl wins an oscar for great "bish please" and "oh hellll nawl" face.


Flair for the neckline

The perfect piece to help spruce up any ole outfit. By Kate Spade, who, let's be honest, can do no wrong.

Holiday Winter Carousel

Our design theme this year that will adorn all of our TCO stores. From this, I created an engraved invitation template that consists of vintage type, as well as elements of a carousel cartouche, for our store directors to send out to customers.

Holiday Calligraphy

Fantastic way to add a punch of personality to holiday cards. Calligraphy by Kathryn Murray

Ralph Lauren interior

Gold and black combo for living room, with a small hit of chevron.


Vintage Photo

Julie Andrews, shot in the 60's.

Marcel the Shell Part Two

Welcome back lil guy! Treats and snoozin, snoozin and treats


Hearting Hahn's Hearts

Illustration by Samantha Hahn for her line of free, downloadable Valentine's Day cards . We are already in full Vday honeybadger mode over here at Tiffany and are pulling swipe and inspiration for our 2012 campaign.

Scallops and Glimmer

Great little dress for New Year's Eve


Oh How Pinteresting!

Found wonderful color inspiration today on pinterest and created a mood board. Loving the playfulness of pink and orange and how they exude an overall cheeriness.

Palm Beach Spring Event

Above is the save the date (sent out earlier this year) with the chosen color palette ( fuchsia and kelly green). I incorporated that palette into their options for their big event-- giving it a sort of sophisticated lilly pulitzer spin. Hoping to attend next spring... nothing quite like escaping the grim cold of nyc for Palm Beach in the early spring.



Best of MM

Couch potato chic

Bad Music Mondays

Found this type lockup and couldn't help but be reminded of one of the worst songs of the 90's. Oh screw it, I loved it. There, I said it. Hit it Skee Lo

 Skee-Lo - I Wish .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Vintage Poster

London Transport Poster, circa 1934, by D.M. Batty


Woodstock Trip!

More pics from our latest excursion upstate. Poor woodstock (and surrounding areas) will never be the same. Highlights included: costume party (I dressed up as lipstick trustafarian occupying woodstock and kimmies joined me as a disgruntled cholo), hot toddies (with whiskey, cloves and fresh apple cider), our fire place (big props to duraflame and newspapers for making us look like girl scout graduates), late night dancing at our favorite haunt (The Havana club in Woodstock), and of course, a full on pancake fix at sweet sue's in Phoencia.

ITALY 2012

Finally got around to downloading all my pics, and decided to give a quick mixed sampling of my italian adventures. We started in Rome (actually arrived TO occupy rome, for the love), then trained it to Florence for a few more days and ended with the world's loveliest little collection of coastal romantic towns, cinque terre. Kimmies and I are already planning round 2... still so much of the country to see and heaps and heaps of delicious things left to eat and drink.

Drop Caps

By Jessica Hische.


The Lovely Photos

Above are some of my favorite shots by Norman Parkinson. Such an amazing photographer... his work predominantly graced the pages of vogue and harper's bazaar back in the 50's and 60's.


A Sampling of 2011 Holiday Designs!

Please email support@englishpapercompany.com for more information and to get started on ordering your holiday cards today!


Occupy Woodstock

It's that time of year again! Time for 10 girls to pack their bags for the great upstate outdoors. That's right, we're headed tonight to the second annual Woodskank Retreat. Endless bottles of wine, roaring fireplaces, cooking, dancing, hiking, late night gymnastics, campfires, horsebacking riding and hangovers; this weekend has it all. Above is our little cabin that we love so much-- Beautiful views and perfectly decorated. And the bathrooms. Oh my lord the bathrooms. Heated tiles, multi shower heads, jacuzzis.... it's like a mini spa of awesomeness right at our fingertips.


Sissy's Save the Date

working on a slew of options for my lil sis, but one of my favorites so far is this



So effortlessly glam... even though she is probably reading the book upside down.

Save the Date

A new addition to the Askew collection

Live on Pinterest!

Come on over and see some of my pins--- I'm finally getting my feet wet over at Pinterest (I know, I know, I'm the last to jump on this social media platform). My Illustrator/artist category is already busting at the seams... SO many talented people I would love to work with on Tiffany projects. I have had the incredible opportunity to see firsthand work from the likes of francois berthoud, mats gustfaston, sarah singe and anja kroencke on commissioned TCO projects. Above, one of my all time favorite pieces, by francois berthoud.