It is Miserably Hot Today

I'm so ready for fall-- filled with cold temps, sweaters, red wine, football.... and WINGS.


Holiday Designs for In-Store events

All to be engraved... Can't wait to see them produced for our stores this season


Please Welcome My Godson!!

Ralph Watkins Lovett was born Tuesday morning, weighing 7 lb, 13 oz and is 21" long. I'm so thrilled that he is finely here, and I can not wait to give my best friend a big ole bear hug. And an enormous glass of vino. Congratulations John and Lizzie! I can not wait to spoil that beautiful baby boy all his life. He has no idea what "crazy aunt Sophie" has in store for him...


The best find in all of NYC

A tilted mirror propped up in the BLT bar and grill restroom (conveniently located in the W that JUST opened up next door to me). It honest-to-god shaved off 10 lbs and gave the thinning effect typically found in circus fun-house mirrors, but without the crazy elongated face. Dare I say I'm in love with it? Because I am. If every woman had one of these in her home, I think the world would be a better place... a safer place, devoid of fits, clothing dilemmas, pms meltdowns and most importantly... SPANX.

The 5 Second Logo

A quickie made for a friend's last minute presentation.



I hope to one day own a substantial collection of Hermes scarves... The elaborate complexity and visual narrative in each of their scarf designs truly speak to the incomparable artistry of Hermes. Recently they created a website dedicated to those who wear their pieces-- it features a motley crew of street fashionistas from all over the world. Enjoy!

My evite design

For next week's day of organized company fun. Actually, I love miniature golf like no one's bizness, so I'm quite excited to get my putt putt on.


Foundation Rwanda- LA edition

Above are a few design options for Foundation Rwanda's Food and Foto logo-- since we used the silhouette of new york for the NYC event, it seemed only natural to keep the main component of the logo and tweak to reflect the iconic look of the LA cityscape.


Don't mess with the Albino

On my way to work this morning, a woman standing outside of a newly opened tanning salon tried to hand me a coupon for a complimentary bake in a tanning bed. This pretty much sums up my reaction.

oh hellllllllll no.


Viva La Stems

Absolutely stunning collection by Erin Fethertson... I would wear each and every piece. Then again, I've been accused of wearing a napkin for a skirt so it's no surprise that I'm drawn to these delightfully skimpy garments.

Unearthed Treasure

Apparently I went to school in the early 1900's, judging by the quality of this photo. Alright Colorado College kids, click on the image and see if you can pick yourself out of the line-up of hungover, bloated, exhausted hoodlums just desperate to get home and sleep off the night before. I found myself in the mix and it is not pretty dotcom.

The Sausage Is Coming Back!

Gatsby is staying once again with me... in one month, for the weekend. Can not wait for his little smushed-face return.

Swoonworthy Type

Gorgeous hand lettered typography designed by Jon Contino

Hi Again

Thanks for your patience...