Decorating State of Mind

A few new pieces to help spruce up the apartment. Will take a picture once everything arrives... hopefully everything will work together as I have imagined it.

Benefit on the Intrepid

Shots from last week's benefit for the Wounded Warriors Fund on the Intrepid. It was magnificent seeing the sunset on the Hudson from its deck.


This is how I feel about deadlines

They just keep riding me until I just have to sit there awkwardly and accept them.

Swoonworthy Type

Summer Art Camp

A tee shirt design (two different colorways) I did recently for Lizzie and Anna who are creating a summer art camp for little kiddies in Atlanta.



Al and I packed our bags two fridays ago and braced ourselves for a harrowing trip on the train ride out to the Hamptons. Since most new yorkers take the rail to head to LI, getting on the train and securing a seat (as well as a spot for our luggage) felt like something out of Fear Factor. Well, to be honest, some of it was self-inflicted. First, we accidentally boarded the wrong train. Upon hearing the announcer on the PA system declare that the train was leaving for Oyster Bay, we quickly jumped up and grabbed our stuff. As the doors were practically closing on us as we attempted to exit, a man came rushing from behind us to give me my wallet... that I had apparently left on the seat in my moment of panic. When we got on the correct train, we unknowingly placed our luggage in a spot that hindered a wheelchair-bound passenger from boarding. I jumped up and tried to quickly move the pieces, and tripped.. practically landing me in his lap. Nothing like a quiet, peaceful start to weekend getaway....

Luckily though, we made it there in one piece. One very sweaty, flustered piece. Friday night we dined at Exile and hit the local dive bar, Talkhouse- which was packed with the most random assortment of folks: locals, new yorkers and tweens, oh my! Saturday we meandered over to the Surf Lodge for a stunning sunset. During dinner there we spotted ole crazy Real Housewive Bensimon. That lady is dark like an old wallet, with teeth as bright as a flashlight.

And of course, super planner Al had us staying at the most adorable little inn- The Gansett Green Manor. Not only was it charming, it was only a mere two steps from the main drag in Amagansett.

We loved it so much... until we realized on the last day that something a little unusual was hanging outside our door....

UMMMMMMM, why hello there noose.
Needless to say, I slept with one eye open that night.


Back from the Hamps

Have been bad about blogging, but will post much this evening. Needless to say, I managed to get my yearly burn this weekend, this time at the top of my legs... so it looks as if I have two bright red garters on either stem. sun:1, sophie:0.


La Vue from last night

Simply spectacular


On Tap Tonight: Lower East Side

Headed to an event at the Thompson Hotel down on the Lower east side to meet up with a whole gaggle of Colorado College girlfriends out on the rooftop bar. Can't wait to reminisce about our CC days and get caught up on everyone's happenings, while taking in the nyc cityscape.

Zero Tolerance Benefit

I now feel like an old hand with the Sanctuary for Families yearly fundraiser for families of domestic abuse. I've been fortunate enough to be invited by Jason and Scottie each year... and the event, held at Chelsea Piers (which is located right along the Hudson River), has had picture-perfect weather every time. After the sit-down dinner/presentation portion of the evening, everyone moved to the dance floor to dust off their dance moves and cabbage patch their way through everything from lady gaga to tone loc. So you think you can dance, indeed.


Lizzie's Baby Shower in Memphis

More pics to come shortly...

Brunchin' on the West Side

With Rennie, baby jack, my mum and Linda two weeks ago at Ocean Grill. He is quite the flirty curly-haired ham and LKIT (lady-killer-in-training). Ren and Jim are going to have their hands FULL.

Sidenote: By the by, the maryland crab cake sandwich with sweet potato fries on their brunch menu? Off the charts. A must order. I may have stolen a fry or two from jack when he wasn't looking.... a new personal low for this fry addict.


Memphis, Here I Come!

Packing this morning for my weekend in TN. Excited to see everyone, and to eat my weight in ribs.


New card designs for work

In the middle of creating new invitation offerings for all of our retail stores... It's been crazy busy here, and so am looking forward to relaxing weekend back home.

I love this pic

Taken of the world's happiest little pug.