Lamplighter with my cuz(s)

In an attempt to drink away the memory of my father stuffed in plastic, I headed to the Lamplighter (the ultimate dive) for a few beverages and pool with my kin folk.


After my fam and relatives pulled a Bumpus Hound on our liquor supply, we decided it was time to gift Pops with our yearly joke present. This time, it was a discounted Nordic Track Fat Suit... Which he promptly put on. He looked like a father to a Jersey Shore cast member (A-OH!). Or a S&M Chelsea Club goer. Either way, it was ugly. Real, real ugly.

More 'Skew Cards

The Grizwalds Christmas Eve

If there was a cutest-grandmother-in-the-world competition, mine would win. Hands down.


Outtakes From An Askew Ladybird Family Picture

One of these days, we will nail it. I love the one in which Sissy is bossing around the photographer and attempting to direct from her seat. Classic Sissy.

* Ada missing from shot

My Uniform for 5 days

Ok. So here's my confession. I haven't gone swimsuit shopping in...um... for EVER. Mostly because my skin is not BFF with the sun, and therefore I prefer to stay indoors in the summer. But my vacation is rapidly approaching, so today I bit the bullet and marched over to bloomies and did some damage. I'm not a bikini person (my stomach is the color of undriven snow, no joke)- so I opted for a tankini top with different bottom matches, and a killer one piece (super low back).

New Designs in the Cooker

Me, at the Tiffany Chrissy Party

Before I lost my phone, credit card and gloves. Ah, office Christmas parties...why must I take it upon myself to celebrate for the ENTIRE company?

White Elephant Party

Stan and Amanda welcomed the old high school crew over for a hilarious white elephant party over the holidays--- think dirty santa meets crappy gifts. The dress code was holiday festive, and many did not disappoint with their attire. The best part of the evening was when I was able to strategically acquire the most coveted white elephant present of all..... Golden Girl beer coozies (blanche devereaux on foam- hot!) Afterwards we made our way over to Yosemite Sam's for some late night karaoke. Fun times with the gang.


Letterpressing In Williamsburg

Katie and I made our way today in the deep snow to take a class at The Arm-- a small letterpress studio filled to the brim with vintage machines and antique metal stamps. I highly recommend signing up for a tutorial- it was a total weekend treat.


Pics from Katie's Bday

Here's What

I'm all for martinis. And obviously, I'm all about nuggets. But
this ? NO. Just lots and lots of no.


New Year's Eve 2009

Booked! Can. Not. Wait. 5 days in paradise. It'll be like living in a corona commercial, daily.


Happy Birthday to the Loveliest Lady of All

To my one and only Katie J.... without whom I most certainly would be nothing short of a wreck in a wig. Tonight the ladies are getting together to toast her at Griffou Hotel-- A fab spot in the west village that is known for celeb-spotting and pricey libations.

The Pelt Princess

So the story goes like this: I was upstate with friends, hanging out in a dive bar with some locals one evening, when we noticed a man seemingly wearing a furry animal on his head. Upon further inspection (with my invisible monocle, a miming routine I love to do when I'm pretending to really inspect something)- I noticed that it was, in fact, a coyote. Ears, eyes, nose and ALL. When we introduced ourselves to this gentleman with a dog for a hat, we learned that his name was *drumroll*... wolfman. At this point I insisted on wearing his prized pelt headpiece, and well, the rest is history.

The Wolfman is to my right, lovingly looking into the eyes of the coyote while the Fitz was laughing from behind the camera. Don't worry, I'm still washing my hair in bleach after this little encounter. Woof.


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Here a few of MY favorite things in Gotham...
1) Banana pudding, freshly made, from Magnolia Bakery, to be enjoyed late night on your walk home.*

2) A lovely wheel of fromager d'affinois from Murray's. It is like BUTTAH. No seriously, it's butter. With a tiny bit of rind. So not good for you.... but so don't care.

3) Slash: Paper Under the Knife exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design. Unfortunately they have a tight no-camera policy strictly enforced by their security guards. Nevertheless, I managed to sneak in a few shots while my father acted as a diversion by touching all the artwork (he would have done it anyway-- it's both hilarious and mortifying).

*Still working on the fitz to become a convert of it. He prefers the cupcakes and mochas. What a wuss.



Sorry to all of those whom I've been neglecting as of late... My apartment has become a full-fledged invitational machince these past few weeks. With a huge number of custom orders to fulfill, wedding invitations to finalize and other exciting freelance projects to complete, it's a wonder I've even had time to comb my hair. But on top of all that, I might have some really incredible news to announce in the near future.
Things are in the works my friends.... 2010 is going to be magnificent.

Dinner with the Rents and Katie J

At the Greenwich Hotel this past Sunday night-- La Conde Verde is AMAZING... affordable and totally, insanely delicious. Two words: grandmother's ravoli. ORDER IT.
Please note where I get my wine-induced rosy cheeks from. Yeah, I'm looking at you Pops.

Sidenote: I decided to don one of those slouchy knit caps I see all the kids wearin' these days. Not totally convinced it didn't look like a droopy diaper on my head. Hey, at least I'm not struttin around in hammer pants..... yet.

A Ukelele Treat

This just helped boost my otherwise work-ridden, dreary two-star day. I've never seen someone sing non-lyrics with such FEELING. To be fair, who really can understand the words to Jason Mraz's song anyway?
First place prize for cutest moment: at the 29 second mark, his little baby cough.
Honorable mention goes to the goofy faces, most notably the one he ends the song on. Verdict: ADORBS.


RB and Jimmy's Final Design Choice

with a few adjustments to typeface... they also really wanted a wrap-around label too... which I think works well with the design direction of their card. And SCENE, that's a wrap (ba dum dum)

Lizzie and John's Xmas cards