Lucky Shopping

Lucky Shops is coming up soon and I plan to get my ticket. This was me at the event last year-- in front of one of the banners I created. I definitely miss my family over at Lucky-- such a great group of chickies. And I pine for that easy access to fresh hot fries at the cafeteria. Things I don't miss? Getting the stink eye on the elevator from the ladies who were eating lettuce for lunch. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Vogue.


Some of the Out Takes

Ren's Baby Shower invites

My favorite person in the world, Rennie, stopped by yesterday to help in finishing up with the design of her baby shower invites. Though we had some options, we both agreed that this one was the winner. The color combination of both robin egg blue and chocolate brown never seems to get old to me.


Today was a good day.

Getting to work exclusively on creating new lines of invitational cards for Tiffany's makes me a very happy nugget. Well, that and a vanilla latte-- and a great playlist on my ipod. I'm super lucky to have a job that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning... and for deep discounts on trinkets--- although those discounts could very easily be my downfall too.

Beams and Things

Evan and our apartment architect went to our new home last week for another inspection. Since we are gutting the apartment, Evan wanted to get a better understanding of how everything is structured. Low and behold, he was able to get a sneak preview of what our apartment might look like bare bones-- he visited an apartment two floors down that is also being renovated. Right now, we have drop ceilings--- but apparently, once we tear it out, we will find beautiful, original wood beams (our building is pre-war) as evidenced by ev's snapshot of our neighbor's. AND super high ceilings. Hooray!

Missing My Peanut


I couldn't love this song more.

Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy
For those of you who also have had a long day.... This is like a warm bubble bath for the soul.

Me, Happy, at the Opera

Amazing views, food, and company. Thank you Evan for making me feel like such a fancy ladybird.


I love this image. I'm almost inspired to pick up the oil paints again....

Our Big Night at the Opera

i Hatttttttte that I don't have better pictures to show-- unfortunately I've lost my camera battery all together, and therefore wasn't able to take the shots I wanted. I will say, what an incredible night. Evan rented a tinted window SUV (very celebrity-ish), so that when we arrived to walk down the red carpet, we actually had a ton of paparazzi take our picture. I completely expected to just walk the carpet with Ev unnoticed, but because the first photographer started shooting like a mad man, the rest followed suit. I was shaking from complete and utter nervousness. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences I've had to date. The final gown that I wore was Naam Khan-- a BEAUTIFUL hand beaded dress, picked from the mix at Bergdorfs.
Once we walked the red carpet, we entered the venue, and had an amazing view of all the celebs being shot on their way in... and of course, over champagne, decided to give our own commentary on their wardrobe choices. Move over Joan Rivers, there's a new sheriff in fashion town-- and his name is Evan Geoffroy.

New Sherle Wagner Ad

Evan took some amazing shots with my digital camera of one his basin sets at work- and from there we found enough inspiration to form a concept for Sherle Wagner's ad in Veranda. Here is the final result, shot by Thom Lang. We both really love the way the water adds fluid texture to the bottom shot, with the focal point being the Sherle Wagner branded stopper.

Molly Fontaines

Two more cool shots of the restaurant.

Pics From Home

Ev and I had one heck of a time down South. Unfortunately, my camera battery was missing, so I wasn't able to take photos of the big cookout at our place on Friday evening. But it was wonderful to catch up with the old gang... and to meet the new baby additions! Saturday, the Askew kids, plus Evan and Lauren, headed to Molly Fontaine's- a super hip new tapas restaurant based in an old Victorian home in the historic district of downtown Memphis. The eats were phenomenal, and the drinks were stiff. Great times had by all.


Ev and I headed to Memphis Tomorrow!

He is in Rhode Island tonight, but am excited to meet up with him tomorrow for our trip down south. Tater tots and grits, here we come. yeehaw and stuff.

Bullseye Bodega

Target set up a Bodega-like store on 57th and 6th during fashion week. Interesting concept, but at the end of the day, the selection was limited, and there was more brand design vs actual product. Very pop-artish though. Warhol would have been proud.


kitty cat cupcake

When she curls up in a little ball like this, it takes everything in me not to disturb her slumber with kisses and tickles. God, I'm on my way to being that wacky aunt that pinches cheeks and wears floral kaftans.


My view this pink-sprinkled morning.


My First Bris

I have to admit, I was quite nervous to attend a party where the main event was watching a poor baby have its peter snipped. BUT... all my fears were assuaged upon arrival. Not only was the set-up gorgeous (a huge suite at the famed Waldrof Towers), there were glowingly proud family members chatting away, a well-versed rabbi who gave a beautiful speech about the history of the tradition of bris (which he infused with humor, which helped take the edge off of the crowd) and of course, loads of champagne and wine every turn you took. And although the baby shrieked for the first few minutes, he calmed down right back into a deep sleep almost immediately. And I, of course, touched by the beauty of the ceremony, shed a few tears. Evan and I doted on the baby later-- and marveled at the tininess of his fingernails, toes and ears— ears that evan said looked like little apricots. Congrats to the proud parents!



I didn't design the homepage for this site, but I did design all of the illustrated pieces -- and Sarah's web programmer is nothing short of genius with this configuration. It just screams, Sarah Lacy: The Website. But what I really want to see is Sarah Lacy: The Movie. It would be a production filled with cats, twitters, DVF dresses, and awesomeness.

And yes Lacy, I'm equally as upset that Sarah Palin is trying to steal your official web nickname. I hope she sits on a tube of lipstick.

Amazing Interview!

Posted by the incredible ladies over at PapersYouLove.com... If you haven't been to the site, please visit. It's SO worth your while. Here is the interview in its entirety:

Self described as a little bit Southern and a little bit Yankee, Sophie Askew and her stationery company, Askew Design, artfully collides a posh and contemporary style with all of the charm of Southern hospitality. Sophisticated without being stuffy, Sophie is a stand out in the stationery world. We spotted Askew Design at the National Stationery Show and were immediately hooked. Sophie’s hand-drawn illustrations and skilled typography provide a chique and fresh alternative to traditional invitations. Check out Askew Designs and you’ll undeniably agree that the invitations alone are reason enough to throw a smashing celebration.

PYL: How did you get into the business of designing stationery and invitations?
AD: Through a series of career missteps! I actually started out wanting to be an attorney, and worked in a law firm after college before attending law school. Thankfully I did– it opened my eyes to what the job really entailed. It was nothing near as glamorous as the actors on Ally McBeal made it seem to be. So I left that and started working at *gulp* a singles’ club. Don’t even get me started! It was almost like being a professional matchmaker. Very freaky experience overall, and so after a few months, I found myself wanting a new career. My roommate (and best friend) told me about a design school in Atlanta that was geared for design and advertising. I signed up, and 6 months later, moved to Atlanta to attend Portfolio Center. Best decision I ever made. Interestingly enough, while there, I was recruited by Hallmark. And while I turned down the job, I definitely started to really develop and grow a small card business on the side. And here we are today!

PYL: Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?
AD: I’m an avid reader of the internet… it is such a wealth of information and inspiration. I read a TON of design blogs…. designspongeonline.com is on my daily list. I also love to take pictures when I’m traveling of architecture and fashion.

PYL: What are the distinguishing characteristics of your line?
AD: I’m an illustrator… So I find that my illustrative graphics combined with patterns and typography really help to create a unique look.

PYL: Which is your favorite design from your collection?
AD: That’s a toughie! Depends on the day, really. I fall in and out of love with my designs quickly– I can truly be my own worst critic at times. Today, right now, I would have to say Shin Dig.

PYL: Which trends should we be watching for in the future?
AD: I think the biggest trend will come from a new printing process. As much as I love letterpress, it’s feeling a little overdone now– and the market is saturated with it. I think graphics created out of typography will be pretty hot in the next 6 months. In fact, I found this amazing scarf made out of type!!

PYL: What advice do you have for aspiring paper designers?
AD: Push the envelope! (intentional pun)

Our thanks to Sophie of Askew Design. We couldn’t be bigger fans…

This interview made my year. Thank you!

I'm obsessed with this DVF ad

It is so beautifully art directed... and the dress at the end...wowzers.

Memphis Alert

I can not WAIT to go back home and see everyone--- the last time I was able to visit was around Christmas, and frankly, that's just too long to go without seeing family and friends. For those of you in town next weekend, stop by my 'rents home in the park for a big cookout. I'm also bringing the evster with me too-- since his first experience was spent in the backhouse bed with a fever and crippling head cold. Evan has vowed to eat bbq for every meal, since he was so incapacitated the first go-around. I'm going to hold him to it.

Kara's New Logo

Kara and Cody have launched a new company that will act as a home management service for people who own secondary vacation homes in Oxford, MS. For those of you who have not been to Oxford, it is by far one of the most picturesque places-- you feel as if you're on a movie set. The town is so charming. This morning, a woman on the street yelled at me for no particular reason. That was the opposite of charming.

Atlanta Bound

I'm headed to the ATL the weekend of October 4th to host another baby shower-- this time for my dear friend Julie. We just recently decided on an invite design, and am hoping that they all arrive in the next couple of days to the invitees. I also get to see Lizzie, John, Anna and Bird. And of course, Frannie, Lizzie's lovable beagle who absolutely hates Evan. We hope this time around Ev can get into her good graces.

Back to the City

This is the sort of morning, one wakes up to, which makes going back to the city seem like a really bad idea. True torture.

Final Night in Falmouth

It was one of those perfect nights--- practically no wind, gorgeous sunset, and lobster.... oh my god THE LOBSTER.... I've never seen lobs that big or that taste that delicious. As we were all sitting around, laughing, eating, and sharing stories, we all knew this was a night we would always remember. And then I promptly went to bed and slept off my food coma.

Martha's Vineyard

We decided on the first sunny day to jet over to Martha's and explore the area. While all the Geoffroys had been there a million times, we Askews were soaking in the adorable quaintness of the little island. Oh, and mom wore an embarrassing hat.