J crew, greens and blues, spring 2012

Eve Arnold, Metropolitan Opera, New York 1950

Dance Card Is Getting Full

Tons of fun events to attend in the next couple of weeks. That is one of the perks of having worked in the magazine industry-- past co-workers put you on their guest lists for parties. This Thursday, a Social Mavericks soiree sponsored by Details Mag and Calvin Klein. Next week, a party for Brad Goreski of Brad Brad World fame. Which sort of feels like cheating, considering we just used Rach for our Oscar-themed windows. But hey, all is fair in love and booze. And I don't want to shut it down.

Gorgeous Monograms

NYE with my ladies

A few pics from ringing in the new year in new york

Timeline Plunge

Finally took it. Was hoping to use the card background as my cover pic for the Askew Design page (and a plate of piping hot fries for my personal)... but unfortunately I don't think the timeline feature is available yet for company FB pages. Does anyone know otherwise?


I love when you go through pics and find a gem. With my rents in Buenos Aires this past January- our first night there. One of the best nights I've ever had.

Let's all never forget to

Last one on the Color Blocking Train

But wowzers do I heart the look. Would love this outfit for Sis's rehearsal dinner. Especially the Tiffany Croc Morgan clutch. That little puppy could pull any ole outfit together.

Travel Plans for 2013

I have been invited to a week long wedding celebration in Cape Town, SA next March (complete with vineyard tours, safaris, etc) and am now officially starting to save every last penny to make this trip happen. Besides all the other wonderful things to do, it will be a chance to also see up close great whites... hence making it my own personal shark week.


New Wedding Project: Caroline and Charlie

Just had a run through meeting with Caroline today and am looking forward to our collaboration on her Palm Beach preppy chic wedding, scheduled for this December. Above, my mood board created for her, along with first round of wedding logos. I wanted to offer the classic/traditional designs, as well as options that gave a PB feel with a little Tory Burch flair. Caroline's color palette of lemon and navy is one that I've been dying to try... and so the fun begins!


Eating for a Great Cause. Count me in.

The lovely peeps from Foundation Rwanda have chosen me to be their designer again this year, and I'm currently working with them on their soon-to-be released save the date (and other collateral pieces) for their upcoming spring fundraiser. One of the options above.

Mornin' concrete jungle

Jam packed day filled with yoga class, exercising, brunch, spa, three client meetings and a whole lot of design work. And we're off...


Michael Sanderson

Really drawn to the retro feel his illustrations have. To see more of his work (and his impressive list of clients), click here

Leave it to LVMH to really up their invitational game. The gold trim is simply (in french accent) magnnnnnifique! oh la la to the max. This certainly does not work within most budgets, but what a delicious touch.

Vintage themed poster

Adorable promotional piece for Newcastle Festival of Dance

Stanford Kay

His dynamic acrylic on canvas pieces blur the line between abstraction and representation... so very beautifully.

Darcy & John

I had the extreme pleasure of working on a gorgeous wedding recently... and it was just written about over at Southern Weddings. Darcy was not only a love to work with, but also had such a terrific and unique vision for how she wanted humor and nostalgia peppered in her paper products. Wishing so much love and happiness for the newly married couple! They are the reason I love doing what I do.

Noteworthy interior-- masculine, yet subtly soft

Cherry blossoms

Such a gorgeous indicator of spring's arrival


Rose metal invitation

New invitation I designed on a specially-created, highly-reflective metallic paper for our new metal launch. Debossed type with a white foil with blind debossed logos(to replicate the engraving of the actual jewelry with our limited edition 175 anniversary logo lockup). Really stunning in person, if I do say so myself, although you wouldn't know it with the crummy photo my old ratty mctatty 3g iphone took.


Art Deco poster by Erte

Milk glass loveliness. I've started compulsively collecting and am well on my way to being featured on Hoarders for it.

Prepping for the stationery show

with holiday designs for 2012. So difficult putting back on the xmas hat now that these mild temps are giving me full on spring fever.

Dear Lord,

Please help me fight off any pizza temptations so that I might be able to wear this missoni crochet-knit swimsuit this summer.

In your heavenly pepperoni name we pray,

Buenos Aires adventure

Had the most amazing time with the two greatest nuggets I know- my mum and pops. They had not been back to Argentina since their honeymoon, 39 years ago. I was honored to be able to celebrate their anniversary with them while there as they are truly living proof of an amazing marriage. If only everyone was so lucky-- Mazel to you two!
From devouring amazing meats, to savoring incredible wines, to downing anything dulce de leche flavored, we left freckled, ridiculously stuffed and full of hilarious memories.


Pining After

This wooden laptop case for a macbook pro. This is the year that I will finally take the plunge and buy a new computer since my existing one is starting to feel like something from the dinosaur age.


Gorgeous threads

Love this structured dress by Marchesa.

I am back!

Sorry nuggets to be gone for so long-- have been in the work zone like you wouldn't believe. Really exciting projects and new business ventures this year- can't wait to announce everything as the deals become sealed! In the meantime, I promise to be a better updater. You know, for all those people who read here other than my mom.