I'm so excited to see everyone in Memphis next week! As I told Thaler, please get the table at Zinnie's ready for some late night carousing and buffonery, high-school style. And somebody PLEASE pre-order my Krystal's sack full... It won't be a fun night out unless I wake up the next morning with a fry in my wig and a burger in my purse.



Last night, Ev and I met up with Scottie and Jason for another fun dinner out on the town. This time, we chose Gilt... a restaurant that resides in the Palace Hotel. The setting was amazing... an incredibly traditional interior juxtaposed against modern design accents. The food was positively delicious, and the staff was wonderfully attentive. Overall, A.


Nugget of the Week

My hero, Paula Deen, pictured above with her two best friends. I kid you not, she begins EVERY segment with "now you're gonna' take two cups of sour cream and a few sticks of butter...". Lady, I love you, salute you, and thank you for providing quality television while I nurse through my hangovers.

S'Lacy Revised

Sarah and I are really starting to hone in on a great direction with the new graphics for her video site. I totally love the retro illustrative look. Hopefully I'll have a link on here soon to the completed, animated site.

Singapore Event

The latest round of custom invites I've been working on for an event in Singapore. I love the combination of white, tiffany blue, gold and navy.

Me and the Rents


"He's like the Kenny G of trombones..."

Best photo ever of Christmas time inebriation. Courtesy of Stanley Johnson.


Neckline Illos

A recent freelance project for The Knot. Let me tell you a neckline that doesn't want to be my friend... STRAPLESS.

Birthday Dinner

Tonight, Le Bernardin-- fabu! There is nothing better than a really decadent french meal during a snow storm.

Hello 33.

I already hatechu.

Sunday Brunch with the Wake ladies

The hostess with the mostess, Catherine Jaxon, threw a ladies luncheon at her positively gorgeous upper west side apartment this past Sunday. She pulled out all the stops with an amazing spread of incredible eats. And I received a precious little cheesecake cupcake for my bday... that I quickly inhaled like a great white shark. It didn't stand a chance of surviving 5 minutes in my clutches.

Whoop dee do

GROSS.... another year. I hate birthdays, and yet, they keep coming. Like a freight train without brakes.


Yesterday Snow Showers and Laziness

Ev and I walked around for a bit outside, not realizing exactly just how cold it was when we left the house, and were therefore not properly bundled up. We dashed over to Bocqueria, a cute little tapas restaurant on 19th.... and enjoyed a few late afternoon eats, while watching the snow fall outside.


New Logo

Sherle Wagner is now branching out and introducing a line of high end bathroom fixtures for commercial use. Ev and I have been working on designing a new logo that reflects the traditional logo, but incorporates a modern look. Here is the latest...


You CAN buy happiness

It comes in the form of a huge sundae at BLT prime, and costs around $12. If I end up on the streets in a cardboard box, I will still save my pennies and treat myself to one of these suckers. It makes the world go round. And people less sad.


My friend's ADORABLE black french bulldog, gatsby, attends doggie day care a few times a week. Last week, the center sent her a clip-- of her puppy trying to start something with a pit bull. Holy heel nipper!

Dear Baby Howard

This is your mom... whom you'll meet in just a few short weeks. Just so you know, she is just as stunning at 8 months pregnant as she was when I first met her just a few years ago. And your nursery, by the way, ROCKS. Seriously, I'd love to switch bedrooms with you. Anyway, we can't wait to meet you... Just try not to make a poopie diaper when you're on my watch, k?


I think my cat might actually just be a rat in a mink coat.

NYE on the upper west

For NYE, we decided to stay in and have a delicious meal cooked for us by our resident Top Chef, Ev. Rennie and Jim were sweet enough to host the event... and Ev whipped up a 5 course, decadent meal for us-- complete with wine pairings. My contribution (much smaller in comparison) consisted of table decor-- I created menus, place cards, and place mats, with a black and red theme. We all felt very fancy--- and were thrilled not to have to deal with the elements that night (the wind made it absolutely unbearable to be outside). Many thanks to Jim... who ended up on kitchen patrol of epic proportion.



And More...

Fat boy in hog heaven at one of our favorite rib shacks, Corky's. He would eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if he could.

young evan, with his new camera, xmas morning

View of Memphis, the night we left. Once again, our trip back home was painfully short.

Memphis Pics

pics from our big party on main street-- all the askew siblings (with bfs and gfs)

our view of the big game: grizzlies vs. pacers-- good action right down to the last second, with a win for memphis

me, upon learning that we were out of vodka, christmas eve