Holy Shirley Temple

no, this isn't a video of me as a small child. This is instead the girl version of this little energized nugget.

The side-sashaying coupled with her intense affirmations– hilarious dotcom

I like my hair! i like my haircuts! I like anything!

I! Like! My! Whole! Housssse!

TGIF nuggets

I've never seen anything be so ugly and adorable at the same time. Adorgly? My favorite part is the freeze frame of the upside down baby sloth head next to a stack of green beans.


Food & Fotos

My logo handy-work as a street window decal at Bonhams. Love seeing my design come to life in different formats.

Being theatrical jerks on the step n'repeat

World's largest hand meets event's tiniest plate

The sketchy boozehounds up at the bar? My peeps, naturally.

I'm displaying the international sign for "girlfriend needs some dang lip gloss"

Scottie, along with the other board members, did a fantastic job of pulling off a wildly successful event for Foundation Rwanda... the venue was completely packed, and everyone had a marvelous time. Congrats y'all!


Nugget in the Bed

On this miserable, rainy day, all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed with this little fluff nugget. What I wouldn't give to live her life today of incessant napping and eating.


Chic illustrations

super clever. by zand2ohs.


I Heart Beautiful Type

I adore the simplistic graphic execution of this wedding invitation. This is "right up my alley" along with french fries and Ryan Gosling.

Spa Design

I will definitely need a day of pampering and deferred self-maintenance after the upcoming stationery show... which will kick-off this Sunday, May 16th!


Baby Shower Time

Lizzie wanted to use mod animal characters and graphics, so above is our invite for her party.

I don't have a baby...

This post on our Tiffany facebook wall has been a constant source of entertainment around the office, for, oh, say the entire afternoon. The picture is not only frightening, but the caption below it....well it is just off the charts creepy-weird, or as I like to say, weirpy. Maybe we shouldn't let just any ole person post their favorite pics of their Tiffany merchandise. (click on image for caption)


I love how outdoor grilling is such a summertime staple... unfortunately a true delight that we nyc'ers do not get to partake in as much, due to lack of backyard space and building restrictions on grilling equipment.

Can you feel THAT

Bravo, Snickers


Don't Forget To Buy Your Tickets!

I can't wait for next Thursday's big event! So get your eating pants ready because it's going to be a wild palette pleaser, with dozens of incredible restaurants participating to help support a truly incredible cause. You most likely will spot me there as the girl juggling 5 plates of food, piled-high, while balancing a glass or two of wine. I take tasting events VERY seriously.