Styling with Type

Great- now I want a milkshake.

And while we're on pet videos...

If only this guy had been in charge of Denver's interrogation, I think we really could have gotten to the bottom of the missing kitty treats. * cue the death glare *

Guilty Dog Face is the Best

"ok you know the routine, get in the kennel, g'on. You're in the penalty box."
I feel like I've used that exact same line with exes before.... also, I love the way he says penalty box.


New Designs

coming soon! Stationery Show is fast approaching... which means panic city time, usa.

Luke... it's your Foundry...

sepaking of Star Wars.... I forgot to mention how much I loved this commercial during the Super Bowl....

Ralphie and Me

Just returned from Atlanta where I served my godmother duties at Ralph's baptism this past weekend. I can't believe what an extraordinary little human bean he is turning into... I also can't believe how badly I want to steal him.

Rose Garden in the CIty

A strip of Park avenue looks like a fanciful garden of giant roses, thanks to artist Will Ryman, who wanted to get city residents out of a winter weather funk. I love walking past them every morning on my way to work.