Grandmama; 1920-2010

She touched so many lives and was a living inspiration to all who had the privilege of meeting her. To know her was to love her. She leaves behind an untouchable legacy of kindness and compassion. She was nothing short of a hero to me, and I will miss her dearly everyday of my life. The last week has been incredibly emotional... thank you to all who have sent their prayers and love to our family.


Best. Screenshot. Ever

*snagged from Jean the Bean's FB page

Shameless Plugging 101

My designs are up and live over at lemontreepaperie.com. I'll also soon upload a new list of all stores carrying my designs, so that you can visit (and hopefully purchase) a card for your next big event. The martinis and fries aren't going to pay for themselves, y'all...Buy Askew Design, and help a lady out!


New Furniture, New pup

Tada! New pieces installed in main room. Of course, the real piece de resistance is my newest fixture, Sir Gatsby, who is staying with me for a bit while his parents travel Italy.


I love this series of promotional posters created by designer Allen Peters to promote a state fair. Funny sidenote: one of my favorite descriptive terms for someone who is marginally good looking is "county fair hot". After a long weekend of boozing, I feel like "county fair scary". Not even a funnel cake could save the likes of me today.


Lobster rolls and clam chowder are calling my name

Wishing everyone a great 4th. And to help ease into the holiday,
click here for what I must say is a hilarious and genius new blog. The NC gives it two (sun burnt) thumbs up


The Ginge, Nacho and Me. Fried.

I really am contemplating creating a teeshirt design that reads "I lived through last year's polo match, and all I got was this lousy sunburn". Where do i BEGIN? Anne and I headed to Governor's Island last Sunday for the sporting event of the summer here in NYC... Veuve Clicquot's polo match with Prince Harry and Nacho Figueras. Ohhh Nachoooo. Anyhoo, despite warnings from all weather forecasters about the intensity of the heat, Anne and I made our way there hoping, nay, expecting that event organizers had anticipated and accommodated for the extreme temperatures that the fancy crowd would have to endure. Except they didn't. What's that Alec? Yes, I'll take extreme dehydration for $100 please. They ran out of umbrellas, ice buckets and wait for it.... WATER. There was no shade for those who did not attend the sit down luncheon, and we all sat cooking in our sweat for approximately 4 hours. Anne and I finally threw in the towel, despite our love for Nacho, and headed back early. The good news? We met some of the loveliest people. Misery really does love company.