Last Night on the Water

Beautiful views and weather combined with endless champagne. 
A big thank you to Heather and Jon for setting the whole affair up!


EID ecard

Challenging making an ecard luxe... hence the use of gradients to give 
the allusion of metallic gold. Above, one of my many outtakes for next 
year's EID card.

Tonight: Boating on the Hudson!

Can not wait to join friends who have rented a sailboat this evening 
for cocktails along the Hudson. The perfect end to a very hot, 
and very crazy, Thursday.

Makes me want to pull an Andy Samberg on the high seas!


Must Have

Finally found an affordable sputnik chandelier... via ZGallerie. Can't wait to order!


In honor of the Preakness

A fab fascinator I wish I had to don. Also, so sleepy from working crazily on 
freelance projects that I originally typed in "Prickness". Time for bed!


Happy Mother's Day

I certainly hit the lottery with my mom. Thank you for all the love and support 
and for constantly making me a better person. My world wouldn't be the same
without you.


Freedom Tower's Big Day

Watched the freedom tower this morning from my living room receive its 
height-defining spire. Felt incredibly patriotic, while standing in my 'jamas.

Oh wow...And my pic got picked up in story featuring spire photos. 

Maybe They Should Have Tried Golden Grahams

Quite possibly the best thing this Friday morning (besides the sunny weather) 
is this series of Vine videos by Ryan McHenry in which Ryan Gosling refuses 
to eat his cereal. 


Engagement Press Kit

The product of my 2012 blood, sweat and tears, in the flesh. 


Nacho Friend

A drunk woman told her animator husband a really lame joke
about tortilla chips. He turned it into a cartoon.